YouTube as an Important Aspect of Video Marketing

How can YouTube enhance your video marketing strategy?

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YouTube has become the second largest search engine right after Google. This success is the result of many factors, including being a user-friendly online platform plus the rising admiration for videos. Video content has become very popular among internet surfers and it has become very evident that people would much rather watch an animated video than read a large text. This is what inspired a lot of businesses and corporates to include video content in their social media strategy to advertise their services better and boost their sales. It is statistically proven that professional videos have the power to convert viewers into buyers.

So if this isn’t reason enough for you to enquire more about business video production, we will give you this to chew on: YouTube’s search volume has reached as high as 3 billion searches/month with 60 billion+ hours worth of video views also per month! Just imagine the amount of traffic and all the new audience your business will get if you chose the right video content marketing services. This online platform being a big hit is not only beneficial for business owners, but also the users themselves.

When produced right, videos will get the message across quickly and clearly and within only seconds of watching, thus saving people a ton of time. Now come the practical steps. This marketing plan is no secret and probably a lot of other companies have gotten the hang of it already. What will make you stand out? We already have a detailed article on how to optimize your YouTube channel you can check out if you want to get into video advertising in detail.

Find Out what People Like to Watch

For example, simple research on SPEAKRJ has shown us what YouTube channels users in Lebanon visit the most. You want your videos to be professional yet creative and appealing to watchers. It is also best to consider your audience’s age range, for example, if you are promoting furniture, you want your focus to be on adults.

Keep Uploading Fresh Content

This is the type of content YouTube likes to promote the most. However, remember that each video you put out there must have a purpose and a message. Highlight the story behind your brand, introduce your services/products, educate people about your company’s ethics and morals, etc. You can get people hooked within only 3 seconds of watching, so it is important to make your content interesting from start to finish.

Fill Out the ‘About’ Section with All the Important Information About Your Business

Interested watchers might want to contact you or visit your website. However, to motivate them to do so, you need to choose your content carefully. You can stick to the classic: Who are we, What we offer, what makes us unique, and contact us info. Be straightforward and to the point, yet don’t ignore the details that make your business stand out.

Be Detailed for Successful Video Marketing

Don’t sleep on the titles, the descriptions, etc. Using keywords, tags and links will help people find you in this sea of video content. Say you are advertising a skincare line, letting people know that they can find their complete & full routine of proven skincare and clean beauty products that are also safe and environmental friendly on your website can be a huge plus.

Be Unique

Why should people visit your website, check out your social media, order your products or use your services? What sets you apart from other companies that are in the same industry as yours and offer similar services? Find your strong and unique points and take full advantage of them! Let watchers know not only what makes you different, but also what makes you better!

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If you are new to video production and digital marketing, read our blog to better understand what a business video is exactly and the steps to fruitful video marketing. Get started by taking your business, brand, event, or cause to the next level with the help of a video production partner. Business Motion will help you get there!

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