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Get yourself on YouTube

Online presence is a prerequisite for any business to thrive. In order for the mass to know about your product or service, you must have abundant and effective online exposure. There are a multitude of ways for people to come across your brand name, from search engines to social media platforms. One of the most prominent is the YouTube channel, ranking second after Google.

People generally prefer watching informative videos to reading blogs or articles. Film and motion graphics are attention-catching and can be memorable. This is clearly why you need to optimize your content on YouTube. By doing so, you will be benefiting from SEO, and moving your business forward.

Criteria to meet

Just as with any venture you get into, you need to plan and do things right when you want to publish on YouTube. First and foremost, your videos need to be creative and engaging. Video production is a great investment and motion graphics are a sure way to get viewers and subscribers.
Whether you do your own digital marketing or contract the service of a marketing agency, you need an online marketing strategy. That strategy must include a plan for your YouTube channel, which will ascertain that your efforts will be fruitful.

YouTube studio

YouTube introduced YouTube studio, which is a great analytic tool that helps manage your channel and create desired results. Here are some basic guidelines to follow to ensure effective use of the studio and deliver constructive YouTube exposure.

1. Research your keywords: there are many sources online that provide you with the top keywords that are currently trending and being used in viewers’ searches. Find them and plan how to integrate them into your content.

2. Utilize your selected keywords: Once you decide on which keywords to use, make sure they are mentioned within your YouTube video. Don’t forget that the keywords need to be in both the title and the description part of the video.

3. Include a transcription: Besides having subtitles within your video, it is very helpful to include the transcription in the description field. If it is rich in keywords, that will greatly improve your SEO.

4. Use subtitles and captions: Subtitles make the video easier to follow, even if they are of the same language as the audio. Furthermore, closed captions provide a very detailed account of all sounds, for those who are not able to play the video with sound. This counts as an added value for your video. It provides further clarity and makes the video more wholesome.

5. Put thought into your thumbnails: Create your own thumbnails rather than use the ones suggested by YouTube. Extract thumbnails from your video that are inviting for the viewer and reflect the title.

6. Divide your video into key moments: You can now partition your video into more specific topics, using timestamps, which can be set in the video’s description. This makes your YouTube video viewer-friendly, allowing users to easily find desired content within the video.

7. Make use of video tags and hashtags: Do your homework and research effective hashtags. Include them within your description and in the tags section of the video file. This will propel search results to your advantage.

8. Categorize your video: When you’re uploading your video, be sure to place it within a suitable category. You can choose from several options provided by YouTube. This will give you a higher chance of being found by a viewer who is searching for a particular type of video.

9. Add cards to cross-promote: YouTube allows you to add up to five cards within your video, which advertises your other videos or your playlists. This is a great way to encourage viewers to go through more of your content.

10. Organize your playlists: When viewers are encouraged to scroll through your channel, you need to make sure the experience is smooth and harmonious. Your video playlist needs to make sense in terms of sequence and consistency. This will encourage viewers to watch more of your videos.

11. Call to action in the end: A smart way to end your video is through a call to action within the last five seconds. This partition also referred to as the “end card”, is ideal to suggest your other videos, platforms or products.

Video production matters

Online marketing is paramount to any successful business and YouTube is one of the strongest platforms to be present on. If you are investing in a digital marketing strategy, be sure to focus on optimizing your YouTube channel. YouTube calls for continuous video production, so it’s always a good idea to get the help of professionals in creating engaging videos.
If you would like to know more about YouTube channel management, you can get in touch with us at Business Motion. We have been in the marketing field since 2014, and are experts in video production and social media management. We would be happy to guide you through the online optimization experience.

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