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2D Animation

Our video animation services and talent at creating 2D animations go a step beyond what other 2D video production animation companies offer. How? By focusing on addressing your marketing goals and carefully selecting the most suitable from the latest market trends, styles, formats, and strategies. Our results-focused services make us a 2D animation studio of choice.

Digital Strategy

We believe digital strategy is user-led and can transform experiences, especially when backed by the right frameworks, models, analysis, systems, and processes. This drives business and delivers advantageous outcomes for our clients and their target audience. By understanding people, data, and keeping track of innovations, we offer digital strategies that address current needs and future aspirations. As your boutique digital strategy consulting firm, we give you the attention you deserve.

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Video Production

As your video production agency, we create engaging content, tell stories, and craft immersive videos. Our interactive video production process ensures we thoroughly understand your brand, business, product, service, event, or cause, and seamlessly translate complex information into concise messages that leave the desired impact on viewers.

Our video production expertise includes music selection, Voice Over (VO) talent, editing, scriptwriting, conceptualization, distribution, and every other detail needed to make outstanding marketing communication, including: corporate videos, event videos, conference videos, exhibition videos, product videos, training videos, digital marketing campaign videos, animated videos, live action videos, videos that combine live action and animation, videos in English, Arabic, and French. Professional videos can heighten engagement, deliver value, and increase trust. And with Business Motion including high-quality video content in your marketing efforts is affordable and always supports your marketing goals.

Social media management

Social media campaigns are more than a trend. They’re a must for your brand or service. We work closely with you to understand your goals, identity, and target audience to create, develop and implement social media campaigns and strategies that let you reach your objectives. Known for exceptional online video marketing, Business Motion is here to support you whenever you want to outsource your social media management to professionals. As your social media management agency, we handle everything for you, from channel-specific social media services to content creation, and content publishing. This includes customizing a social media marketing strategy, daily posting, crisis management, and community management on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other social media platform.

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2D Animation Production
Live Action Video Production
Motion Graphics Production
White Board Animation
Combination of 2D and Live Action
Business Video Production

Types of videos

Pitch Video Presentation
Product Videos
Brand Videos
Sales Videos
Social Media Video Ads
TV Ad Videos
Internal Communication Videos
Training Videos
Post Event Videos
E-commerce Business Videos
Corporate Videos
Online Video Marketing


Education Videos
Finance Videos
Government Videos
Healthcare Videos
Manufacturing Videos
Non-Profit Videos
CSR Videos
Tech Videos

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