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Videos, in their appealing visuals, interesting texts, and innovative ideas, naturally attract the attention of people. People love watching videos and sharing them with their friends, they just can’t get enough of it that TikTok, a video-focused platform, is now one of the most popular social media channels amongst online surfers of all ages and walks of life. According to Word Stream, people watch an average of 16 hours of online video per week, which is a 52% increase in the last two years. All marketers and digital advertisers are aware of this fact, and that’s why this medium has become very broad and competitive; so if you want to dive into video content and marketing, you ought to do it right. Choosing the right type of video content that appeals to your target online audience is one of the most important steps to increasing engagement, improving conversion rates, and increasing social shares.

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Including influencers in your marketing plan is crucial because obviously, influencers influence! Incorporating the opinions and/or experiences of someone that your followers look up to and deeply care about can get them to better indulge in what you have to offer. Having this social figure share their opinion about your product or getting them to try your service and sharing their positive views and feedback with their followers will introduce this audience to your business and incite them to give your company a chance!

Vlogs/Mini Documentaries

The most intimate you can get with your audience and customers is to give them an insight into your company and your team in an upbeat, motivating, and relatable manner. Showing them more of what your company is really about and how your team overcomes challenges and what your business ethics are will help you build a relationship with your audience well beyond making sales. This, by extension, will help you acquire loyal customers. A big advantage is that this type of content and videos doesn’t require a big budget or thorough planning. All you need is a camera and your team’s unique personalities, sometimes you won’t even need a script!


Showing people how to use your product and how enjoyable your service is and how fun it can be to buy and try your brand is a great way to get them excited about making the purchase! This type of video should be anything but boring! Remember, the goal is to get them to want to buy your item when they are done watching the video. Adding a clear Call to Action at the end will help you fulfill this purpose.

Live Streams

Going live and showing a segment of one working day or the company’s picnic or an important business event, will give you a chance to introduce your audience to the people and the world behind your product! People love being a part of something exciting and fun, so asking them to join you for the store’s event, for example, will do the trick and ensure a successful marketing strategy!

Honest Opinions

Want to boost your conversion rates? Bring your audience to the other side of the camera! Filming a customer while giving their honest review about your company or your product will give other people a second word (besides your own) to count on! Hearing from people who have tried and loved what you are selling will give them all the more reasons to make the purchase!

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If you find that you are spending money on digital marketing without getting the desired results and without making more sales or profit, or even if you want to get into online advertising but you just don’t know where to start, then maybe it is time to hire a professional!

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