Business Videos: our Ultimate Guide

After 8 years of creating and shooting marketing and business videos, and after 30+ satisfied and happy clients, more than a hundred completed and successful projects, and executing business plans in more than 10 different industries and more than 6 different countries around the world, we figured that it is about time we share some of our knowledge and expertise. We will attempt to get across the importance of videos to every business out there by quoting Fabrik Brands: “Video is the current darling of online marketing and branding. Brands are following in the wake of the likes of UNILAD and Buzzfeed to produce exciting videos. It makes sense, as video is 70% more likely to convert than other types of content.”

The first and foremost reason to have a digital presence is to get validation of your existence as a business and create awareness among potential customers. -Business Motion, video production company.

Here’s Business Motion’s ultimate guide to planning and executing great business videos:

Educate Yourself and your Team:

Know what digital content marketing and online advertising are all about! Also, find out what leading businesses do regarding social media, email, search engines, multimedia messages, videos, websites, and more. Their strategy and plan work for a reason, and there’s no harm in learning from successful people and companies and taking inspiration from them. It is just as important to learn from fatal mistakes and avoid going down the same path at all costs. Just as critical, educate everyone involved on the importance of videos when it comes to digital marketing.


SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, allows you to grow your visibility on search engine results pages and thus attracts more traffic. As you may conclude when your content attracts more people it boosts your sales. This is essential to use in your social media and video content.

Make Sure that your Videos is Mobile Friendly!

People would much rather watch a video on their mobile rather than on desktops. Add to that the fact that most web traffic comes from mobile phones, and you’ve got yourself more than enough reason to keep mobile users in mind while creating your business videos.


Creating and shooting marketing videos takes a lot of thorough and deep planning. Before you even begin making shooting plans, you’ve got to have a clear idea about what type of videos you want to execute, you’ve also got to have a clear idea about your budget and the platforms on which you’re gonna be posting it among other important factors to consider. Scripts, storyboards, mood boards, the time frame, the cast, location(s), scheduling, equipment, and editing, are all things that should never be taken for granted!

Quality Production

Regardless of your budget and resources, make sure that your production is of great quality both in content and visuals. Other things to factor in are if it is suitable for the platform you plan on posting it on (YouTube, Tik Tok, etc.) and if it will get the interest of your audience in specific. Knowing your audience and producing your content accordingly is always a wise move. Plus, keep in mind that a good marketing video will catch the viewers’ attention from the first few seconds, and before they can even skip it!

Promoting your Video

Isn’t promoting your brand, product, service, event, and business, in general, the whole point? By successfully promoting your professionally made video, you will incite people to visit your website and social media and learn more about your company and what you have to offer. From there, they will make up their minds about whether or not to make the purchase.

Getting Help from a Professional Video Production Company

Asking for professional help, especially when it’s about something as crucial as digital marketing and boosting your profit, is an excellent choice for every business to make, especially if you are only just starting!

Educational videos & video production for NGOs and others- Business Motion

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