The Great Impact of Being on YouTube

YouTube is big      

If you run a business, there’s no thinking twice about whether to have an online presence or not. Digital presence has become one of the main pillars of having a successful business.

Whatever your marketing budget is, the online space offers so many platforms where you can promote yourself. Let’s talk about one of the major and most powerful ones, YouTube.

It is a pure video-sharing platform, that had 2.3 billion users worldwide in 2021 alone and has been ranked the second most popular social network after Facebook. It is also considered the second largest search engine, right after Google.

According to YouTube in 2019, people watch one billion hours of videos on YouTube a day.

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Can you imagine the myriad of viewers and potential consumers you would have if you ventured into this world of video production and publishing?

YouTube for business

It’s not rocket science to know that people prefer video content to text. People simply love watching videos, as long as they’re fun to watch or informative. It’s more attention-grabbing, engaging, and memorable than any interesting text could be.

More businesses are adopting video production and posting to YouTube, at a percentage of around 60 percent. It has been shown to be the second most effective channel for businesses to publish video content after Facebook.

That is evidence of the trust of businesses in YouTube as an impactful arena to promote themselves. It would be quite progressive for businesses to devise marketing strategies that allocate effort towards campaigning on YouTube.

Benefits of being on YouTube

One of the most prominent video streaming platforms, YouTube offers you access to the traffic of millions of local users. This is the main benefit. Let’s get into more details about the major benefits that YouTube will have on your business.

Your own channel: You can create your own platform for all your videos, with their transcriptions and details of their content and keywords. You can also organize all your videos into playlists, making it easier for viewers to see all your work.

Improve your search engine optimization: YouTube videos are easily found on Google and are now automatically appearing within search results. They have become as important as text content. By posting videos on YouTube, you would be doing wonders for your SEO.

YouTube Studio: YouTube introduced this tool that helps manage your channel and optimize your content. It allows you various features such as adding subtitles, including captions, dividing your video into key moments, creating thumbnails, and adding cards within the video to cross-promote your other videos.

A computer with the play button on it showing video playing youtube Videos - Optimize you brand's youtube channel- Business motion

Worldwide audience: Creating strong video content can give you global exposure, especially since you can include closed captions and subtitles in your videos. This will attract viewers that you would have never thought of targeting.

Highly shareable videos: People love to share good videos and if you offer impactful content, people will readily want to show it to others. This platform makes this very easy with an icon that allows you to share the video to major social media platforms.

Expand your email list: There is software that enables you to include a sign-up form within your YouTube videos. A happy viewer can pause the video and enter their info and subscribe to your channel, ensuring future engagement.

 Fast feedback: Subscriptions to your channel are an excellent indicator of providing good content. This translates into a rising audience and potential business. The platform also allows for comments which is an effective and costless way to get feedback.

YouTube has been shown to be one of the most effective online platforms for business exposure. If you allocate time to creating and optimizing your channel, you will be taking a big step towards growing your business.  The major work would be put towards quality video production, and today there are professionals who can handle that for you.

If you don’t have the human resources to create and manage your own YouTube channel, you can reach out to us at Business Motion. We specialize in video production, social media management, and the development of marketing strategies. We have been in the marketing field since 2014 and can support you in all your online marketing ventures.

Find out how to optimize your YouTube channel here.


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