6 Tips for Every Freelancer

The idea of becoming a freelancer and your own boss sounds appealing and exciting enough for everyone to want to get into freelancing. However, what the naked eye doesn’t see is the struggle to find the perfect work/life balance and to get into a self-made routine to follow day in and day out. You have to set your schedule in a way that lets you achieve the most out of your work and freelancing while also staying away from the black hole that is ‘your work becomes your entire life.’ And whether you are just starting out as a freelancer, just beginning to think about it, or have been doing it for a while now, you can always benefit from additional advice and tips to make the process as easy, comfortable, and productive as can be.

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Tip #1: Set your Rate

  • Working as a freelancer means working at your own rate, and that’s great if you calculate it well! You can choose to get paid by the hour, day, or per project, however, whatever you decide you must take your annual salary, expenses, and profit into the calculation.

Tip #2: Consider Contracts

  • This will help you clarify your rate and conditions, deadlines, and demands. So all in all, a contract protects both parties; it helps the client in that it ensures that they get exactly what they are paying for and it helps you in that it guarantees that you will, in fact, get reimbursed and not fall victim of a scam or con trick.

Tip #3: Look for Clients Using Freelance Platforms

  • Some businesses will come to you, and others you must seek out for yourself! These platforms can be a great place to find work, especially if you just starting out as a freelancer. Again, working on your own might subject you to many rip-off attempts so you have to stay alert, trust your intuition, and just give it a try!

Tip #4: Create a Strong Portfolio!

  • Fortify and strengthen your profiles with your best and most successful work to show potential clients what you can do! Just like you have to be extra careful while accepting projects, employers also have to be extra picky because there is a high number of freelancers out there and they just need to find the one that can do the job perfectly! Building a website can be an easy and clear way for you to showcase your style and skills. The best advice we can give you is just to be as transparent and up-front as possible!

Tip #5: Work on your Negotiation Skills

  • Believe us, you’re gonna need them! Negotiation is an art and a skill that many freelancers acquire after the experience, some pleasant, others not so much. Some people or businesses are willing to go whatever ends in order to get a better deal or a lower price. However, always remember that your time and hard work are worth every penny, and as long as your quote is fairly set, then you shouldn’t cave.

Tip #6: Get a Deposit Upfront

  • In another attempt to secure your rights, you should always ask for a deposit upfront. It is tough out there on your own and you must be your own bodyguard and get your own back. No one likes to work for free, so securing a deposit is the way to go! Getting part upfront, part halfway, and part upon completion is a good plan that you might want to consider adopting.

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All of the above, in addition to setting a fair schedule, getting the right tools, technology and equipment, choosing a field that you excel in, and getting a comfortable chair and desk, will help you make money while being your own boss! Because let’s be real, isn’t THAT the dream?! It also wouldn’t hurt to take some of the pressure off your back and hire professionals to assist you in your marketing and advertising, whether by creating videos or a strong social media plan!

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