Everything you Need to Know about Video Production

The video production industry and business is blooming and rising like never before. It is becoming crucial for every business and organization and if you don’t have your video production mastered, you at least need to know the basics in order to be able to compete with other businesses and achieve your goals both online and offline. Modern times call for knowledge when it comes to video content noting that it is a very important aspect of digital marketing and advertising. Almost every business nowadays is using videos to market its brand and/or promote its events, products, services, etc. Videos are the number 1 way to catch the online audience’s attention and get them to want to learn more about your service and purchase your product. However, even though everyone is doing it and it seems quite spread around and popular, video production is no easy business and there’s a lot to know before you dive into this world of clips, voice-overs, motion graphics, and more. Here are things you need to know about video production:

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It’s all About the Right Equipment!

There’s a lot that goes into producing great video content; there are storyboards, scripts, casting, locations, etc. However, the main thing that every successful and reputable Video Production Company has is good, modern, and professional equipment & tools to produce high-quality motion content. This company would wisely and carefully choose the right camera, the ideal amount of lighting, and the best editing software among others. Finding the perfect equipment for every distinct video is hard and there are many kinds and brands to choose from, not to mention that they are all quite expensive. A trained team of professionals has the budget and knowledge to produce the best videos using the best possible means without compromising on quality, because nobody wants to want a low-quality, poorly made digital video.

There is More to it than Shooting Motion Pictures

OK so you have your storyboard and script ready, and everything is ready for shooting, the actors, the set, the wardrobe, the lighting, the crew, etc. Once it is all perfectly executed, the job still doesn’t end here. The team will still have to edit the footage for things to flow smoothly and in the expected order. Subtitles will be added, voice-overs might be needed, music, color grading, animation if desired, and more! You have to make sure that the end result doesn’t only meet your vision, but is also engaging, attractive, and available for everyone. The message also has to be clear, straightforward, and delivered quickly and interestingly. Plus, when it comes to digital video audio is just as important as footage and this also takes a fair amount of time to work on and perfect.

Deep Research is in Order

It isn’t enough that you know everything, you have to keep on learning and discovering new and modern ways of producing videos. You have to stay ahead of trends and catch up with the fast-changing interests of the online world and audience. A fantastic video needs adequate planning, data gathering, and deep knowledge of your followers, customers, and clients. Gathering data on your online audience and producing a video that matches their interests, level of education, ages, and nationalities will help you get more engagement and by extension will help you acquire more loyal customers. You also have to know all about the platforms on which your business video will be posted. YouTube is a place for longer videos, for example, however, TikTok is a platform on which shorter videos seem to perform best. Instagram and Facebook users tend to be scrolling through their feeds so you have to catch their attention for the first few seconds. They also tend to multitask and watch the video with the sound off, so adding highlights in the form of text is always a good idea. You will find much more information, tips, and tricks, during your research.

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Video production is a complicated but necessary process to get your business to where it needs to be quickly and successfully! We understand that the process might seem daunting, and that is why companies like Business Motion exist to get your social media game to the next level! Contact us today!

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