How Video Conference Calls Benefit Your Business

Video conference calls have been around for a while, and they have been useful to businesses worldwide. Today, the number of businesses conducting meetings through video conferences is increasing as a result of the pandemic, COVID-19. With the rise in video conference calls comes a wide range of benefits for business on an individual level, environmental, and business level. Read on to discover just how video conference calls benefit your business.

1. Environmental benefits

It used to be that corporate meetings would happen face-to-face. A corporate representative or executive would travel miles to meet with a client to conduct business. But, think of the cost of doing that!! The business has to pay for a 2-way flight ticket, or for whatever means of transportation. Not only that, but also think of the environmental cost.

Therefore, online video conference calls serve to eliminate a good portion of that pollution, simply through a click of a button. A study by ClimateBiz has shown that the impact video conference calls in Australia would reduce 2.4 metric tons of emissions. That is a staggering result considering the wasted resources and toxic fuel gases being emitted into the air as a result of corporate business. If you’d like to know more about the impact of business travel on the climate, we found this article to be quite helpful.

Eco friendly business- Business motion

2. Business benefits

If you’ve never been to a business meeting before, they always make sure that there’s an unlimited supply of bottled drinking water. We’re sure that you’ve guessed by now that most those bottles get thrown away, adding to the world’s plastic pollution problem. That’s not to mention printer ink, office supplies, paper, etc.

Working towards achieving a worldwide online video conference environment has become the outline of today’s business landscape. As a result, businesses will have gained better PR due to their eco-friendly business etiquette, and reduce unnecessary travel costs now that online video conference calls are the new all-expense-paid business meetings.

3. Individual benefits

Apart from the environmental factor, switching entirely to video conference calls yields benefits for the individual conducting business. Conducting business through online video conferences increases the individual’s flexibility and more because it eliminates the key factor of getting to the meeting.

It takes time and costs a lot more to actually go to the business meeting. Therefore, the overall quality of life of the individual conducting business is increased greatly right from the office, home, or whatever workspace. Online video conferencing also eliminates a lot of the time a business meeting usually takes up. They keep the meetings short, to the point, and all through a click of a button.

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