Why your business needs video testimonials?

Think about the last time you wanted to buy something online. Maybe you were searching for a nice restaurant to have dinner at. Where did you start searching? You probably searched for reviews and video testimonials. Here is why your business needs them.

Customer testimonials – whether written, visual, or auditory or even video testimonials – are an important aspect of any business marketing plan, and always hold great value with customers

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Taking Your Testimonials To The Next Level

You know that customer testimonials are essential for persuading prospects to become buyers. You can write down their testimonies for posting on your website or printing in your marketing materials, but when you combine testimonials with video, it takes these advantages to a whole new level. A VIDEO testimonial is far more effective, and an even better, more powerful format than a text-based testimonial. Let’s see why.

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Advantages Of Video Testimonials
1- Video testimonials are hard to fake:

Anyone can post a stock photo and add a made up written testimonial to their website. However, this is not possible with video testimonials which bring a higher level of trust.

2- Video testimonials play a major role in establishing brand credibility:

Compared to questionable plain-text testimonials, videos can establish a valuable connection with your consumers because the words are literally coming straight from the happy customer’s mouth. Therefore, with a video, you can see a real-life customer explaining thoroughly and convincingly how your company has made a positive impact on his life or business.

3- Video testimonials are more convincing and engaging

 This is compared to text testimonials as they keep visitors on your business website longer and at the same time increase the chances that they will make a purchase.

4- Video testimonials are more efficient than written testimonials.

They capture the raw emotion of your happy customers. Above all, it’s one thing to read what a customer has said about you. But it’s a whole new thing to see a happy customer on screen.

That’s why video testimonials are so crucial to your business’s success. Video testimonials are a referral for your business. Nothing sells your business as well as the positive and happy voice of an existing customer.

Tips For Video Testimonials
Approach your customers: 
  • First, you should identify the customers who are loyal and completely satisfied with their entire experience with your company. Call them and introduce to them the idea of the testimonial video and explain the concept – that the video will be edited and won’t contain anything they aren’t comfortable with.
Set a date and location for recording the video: 
  • Ideally, your client testimonials will be filmed in a comfortable and professional setting where the customer feels relaxed and prepared to discuss the details of his experience with your company. Tell him that you are willing to go to their offices at a time convenient for them.
Prepare a list of questions with anticipation (but not a script):
  • This will help you get all the information you need for developing a compelling video, and it will help the customer understand and prepare the points that will be covered in the conversation.
The testimonial video should be authentic,
  • and the responses of the customers should be natural.
Keep the video short and engaging:
  •  You obviously don’t want your video to be too long, but you should take care not to leave out any important parts of the conversation.
Promote your testimonial videos:
  •  Once the testimonial video is all edited, the best places to promote it include: your website, social media platforms, e-mail signature, in-store displays, newsletters, trade shows, client quotes and proposals. If positioned properly, professional-looking testimonial videos are some of the most powerful tools a business can have in its marketing toolbox.
Final Thoughts

A solid, high-quality, and professional testimonial video can go a long way, and will project the right image for your business and encourage prospects to choose you as their vendor.

If you don’t have any video testimonials right now, get them! Simply contact your customers and ask for their feedback on your business, products and services. Most happy customers will gladly provide this.

Nevertheless, to develop the most effective and better-quality video testimonials, you should find a professional company to assist you.

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