What a Video Production Company Does

At Business Motion, we are nationally known among local businesses and freelancers that we do a little bit of everything when it comes to creating professional and informative videos. After all, video production is an art that we specialize in and successful marketing/advertising is a service that we provide clients with daily. This is what video production companies do, they deliver motion content that is of high quality and that will eventually bring back more profit to the company/business. However, if you are, or have ever wondered what exactly video production does and how it helps clients to reach their goals faster and more efficiently, we have brought together a simple guide that will help you better understand the process:

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A VPC (Video Production Company) helps companies to boost their marketing strategies by providing one of the most successful tools of digital advertising: videos! The ultimate goal is to create a short and catchy video that drives watchers to purchase a certain product, try a certain service, or try a certain brand. These videos are often commercials, online ads, corporate videos, product showcases, etc.

Why Is It Advised to Hire a Professional Video Production Company?

A Video Production Company is quite different from a Film Production Company or your regular videographer. While all share a deep and detailed knowledge of producing a good and catchy motion picture, however, a VPC takes it one step further and usually brings together a team of people that are highly passionate and knowledgeable of modern and effective marketing strategies, social media, and digital advertising. A VPC doesn’t just capture what is happening like a videographer, the skilled team is always very involved in the creative process, such as planning, executing, editing, staging, and more likely every teeny tiny detail of the creative and technical process.

Its Tasks

There is A LOT more to video advertising than meets the eye. For a video to bring traffic to the website and boost sales, it has to be done with perfection and with a marketing plan in mind from start to finish. A company or organization will trust a VPC to plan, film, and edit their business video while handling all the details that are in between. The industry’s day-to-day tasks are very broad, complicated, and extremely delicate. On a regular business day, the team will meet and plan collaborations with potential and current clients, do thorough research on the client’s company, product, or service, and handle the creative process such as creating storyboards, writing scripts, scouting for locations, plan auditions and wardrobe, gather props, film the motion content, record audio, edit, find the perfect music for the video, add subtitles and headings, write the perfect title and video production with the correct SEO in mind, create animations, motion graphics, and SFX, post the video to be viewed by the online audience and, if agreed upon, contact TV stations for proper broadcasting.

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That’s why, if you are executing your business’ videos internally, you have to make sure that you are able and have the means to do all the previous steps successfully and with ease while also solving all the obstacles that are bound to come your way. For these reasons thriving companies always leave this essential marketing step to professionals, because video marketing is not something to be taken lightly. Research shows that Consumers [are] 64% More Likely to Purchase a Product After Watching [an] Online Video. Video is at the top when it comes to Internet content, that’s why YouTube & TikTok are so important today. If you are looking for the perfect Video Production Company that has years of experience and a repertoire of successful videos and satisfied clients, contact Business Motion and embark on a journey filled with profit, success, and reaching business goals!

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