Travel and Tourism Video Industry

If there is any industry practically made for video marketing, it is travel and tourism. In recent years, travel and tourism video industry has embraced the power of video in order to reach new customers and deepen relationships with existing ones. Airlines, hotels, travel agents, and all companies operating within this sector are all recognizing the importance of video as a marketing channel that brings all areas of travel to life.

Travel is a very personal decision and experience, and involves several stages: deciding where to travel and what activities they will do at the destination, what kind of trip it will be, which airline to use, in which hotel they will stay. And people planning to travel watch videos during all the above stages. Video content gives users a glimpse of what that experience will provide. Now let’s see how the travel and tourism video industry works.

Travel and tourism destinations

Destination Videos

In the past, telling a destination’s story through video was a good idea. Today, it’s necessary. Here’s why:

  • 65% of travelers watch videos when thinking about choosing a travel destination.
  • 63% of travelers watch videos when looking for ideas for activities at a particular destination.

Cities and travel destinations have been turning to video to boost tourism. Tourist destination videos are used to show off the beauty of a country and get people interested in visiting it and wanting to book a trip immediately.

These videos show the absolute best in that destination, which activities can be done there, helpful tips about getting around, fun facts, beautiful natural environments, the countries art and entertainment offerings, and local-only secrets.

Here is an example of a great destination video

Airlines And Video Marketing

Airlines are among the most successful users of video marketing in the travel business. With online video there is a lot of opportunity to engage the passengers before, during and after travel. Video topics could be: new destination videos, milestone videos, inaugural flight videos, videos about online booking if available, recruitment videos, aircraft videos, first class/ business class/ economy class videos, videos about in-flight entertainment, new services videos. The list is endless. In addition to the above, the most widely used videos are in-flight safety videos that actually get people to pay attention to the boring-but-important safety briefing. Safety videos serve two purposes: to inform the passengers while keeping them engaged and entertained, and also as an excellent video marketing tool for the airline as they become offline a vehicle for heightened brand visibility as the content spreads across social media.

travel in airport

Hotels And Video Marketing

Getting guests through your hotel door can be challenging. But what if you could show them exactly what to expect when they choose to stay with you? Enter the power of video.

Travelers love to find inspiration in video and they see it as a more trustworthy source to ignite their trip planning. More and more people are viewing travel-related videos before deciding what their next travel adventure will involve. Therefore, hotels have even more reason than other industries to invest in video marketing.

Videos could be about the hotel, its services, its restaurants, its rooms and much more. You can showcase the beauty of your lodgings, location, and the surroundings; you can give viewers a personal tour of the pool, guest rooms, lobby, fitness center…Let them see it all through video. This will provide them a view into how it feels to stay at your hotel, what experiences they can have, how comfortable they will be, and how they can spend their time.

Thus, video marketing is the next big thing for hospitality marketing. With a good strategy in place, hoteliers can bring significant profit to their hotel. Since the popularity of videos will increase in the future, you should start developing your own video marketing strategy.


The whole online world is moving toward videos. It’s time to get on the bandwagon.

Video offers travel and tourism brands a huge opportunity to raise brand awareness and increase sales across the user journey. Ensure that you are focused at each part of the journey, integrate video with your other channels, analyze and improve.

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