The Understanding of Online Presence

We are in the midst of the digital age and there’s a lot of buzz around online presence. If you are not found online, then you are behind the times and sooner or later you will be obsolete. What exactly defines online presence? Just as a business exists physically, with material setup and a concrete address, there is also its digital existence, which is its visibility on the web. The web gets traffic of visitors and passersby just as any store on a busy street would. Nowadays it is no longer enough to have a good business and quality service. Relying on word of mouth won’t get you far in this era of speed and information. Boasting what you have on the internet has become primary, and what you need the most is to have an online presence or online exposure.

Your digital presence is reflected by what people find online when they specifically search for you or come across you by chance. Recent statistics show that there are around 99,000 searches on Google every second, that’s to say around 6,000,000 searches are being conducted per minute. Googlers are either looking for you or searching for something that you happen to offer.

It is not just about having your name appear in searches, but about having every aspect of who you are exposed for everyone to see. You need to establish yourself out there, in cyberspace. The thought can be daunting or a bit overwhelming, but the truth is, there has never been an easier time for you to be seen.

The first and foremost reason to have digital presence is to get validation of your existence as a business, and to create awareness among potential customers.

Online presence importance

The more you are seen online, the higher your chances of getting traffic and eventually business. Some may be searching for a related product and come across you by chance, and others may be looking for you specifically. Either way, you must be ready.

The first and foremost reason to have digital presence is to get validation of your existence as a business and to create awareness among potential customers. To put it bluntly, it has come to this: to be present, is to be present online, period!

Online presence also gives you a chance to show your professionalism. With proper content, that is reflective of your brand, you can project your dedication to quality and prove your credibility with any audience. Going past awareness and credibility, a strong online presence is also a cost-effective way to achieve brand consistency.

Now that we have established online presence and its importance, we can move on to how to grab the attention of whoever is tapping away on the net. Remember, you are a click away and you need to be ready for it.

Prime presence

Dynamic activity on the internet offers you an arena to show your strengths and stand out among others. It’s no secret that the digital world is highly competitive, and fast, so being progressive makes all the difference. If you want to be online, you need to make an effort to leave a mark.

Any robust marketing strategy ensures an extensive online presence. There are many different alleys online, but before getting to that, there are a few criteria for your online presence.

  • Useful and engaging content: All content revolving around you must be practical and helpful. A multitude of words arranged in order won’t necessarily spark interest. The data you are publishing has to be interesting, informative, and of course, relevant to your product or service. An effective way to engage your audience would be through corporate video production. This is a sure way to grab people’s attention and get your message across.
  • Accurate and clear content: All that is spread under your name is by default the truth about you. Make sure it is accurate and regularly updated. Details of how you can be reached, key people within your company, and your address are examples of data that needs to be verified before becoming public.
  • Dynamic: Don’t go static. The more your content is active, the more fun it is to follow you. Again, business video production ensures dynamic content and a lively online experience.
  • Consistency: All of your online platforms should be in harmony with one another and remain true to your brand identity and reflect consistency. Your tone, colors, language, and style need to be aligned throughout your posted material.
  • Expand your presence: Go the extra mile. Be adventurous and go beyond the typical online fields. Publish articles, send new letters that are fun to read, take part in blogs, create engaging videos. You want to be present online, then be present all the way.
  • Optimize your content: Create content that contains keywords that customers might use. Choose keywords that have higher chances of appearing in searches. You can install google analytics to help you keep track of activity on all your online platforms.


Online platforms

Below is a list of the main channels that you can navigate to fortify your online presence.

  • Webpage: This is the most basic and classical form of an online presence. It needs to include all there is to know about you, with links to your social media platforms. Your website needs to be attractive, dynamic, and easy to navigate, to offer an optimal web experience. Most importantly, your format needs to be mobile-friendly.
  • Social media: This is your next stop, giving you the chance to be approachable, engaging, reachable, and relatable. The most popular social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit.
  • Paid advertising or sponsored ads: Investing in some advertising across the web is a good way to make yourself seen. Sponsored ads can go a long way. You can select your target audience, and ensure that your ad will appear in front of them across prominent online platforms.
  • Listings in established business directories: Appearing within renowned business directories will give you visibility as well as credibility. Try to get onto as many of those as you can. In this case, more is better.

Why choose business motion as your video production partner

By now you should have a pretty good idea of the importance of online presence for businesses. You need to start by investing in a good marketing strategy, and creating stirring content.

At Business Motion we can help you in setting your strategy and in the creation of engaging content, most specifically, in the production of business videos.

Feel free to get in touch with us and we will assist you every step of the way towards becoming prominently present online.

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