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Data studies will show you which social media channels and platforms your target audience uses the most, however, one thing is for sure: they are all on their phones almost 24/7. Mobile phones have become an essential part of people’s lives, they use them every day as a calculator, calendar, and notebook, and also to contact their colleagues, see what their families are up to, share videos and memes with their friends, and make purchases online. The last one is important because now more than ever, and especially after COVID-19 with which came long lockdowns and worldwide limitations, people have been doing their shopping on their phones, and marketers & businesses have responded to that. They have updated their websites and developed their social media in such a way that makes it easier and more comfortable for people to learn more about and purchase their brand, product, or service. So this is the most valuable and lifesaving marketing advice for today: be mobile-friendly and convenient for mobile users!

Investing in this medium of advertising will always pay off. With today’s modern smartphones and innovative technologies, web surfers will read blogs, and watch videos, movies, and TV all online. They learn everything about anything, pay bills, and book flights all from their phones. Plus, in today’s world, you have all the right tools to advertise your business and reach new audiences anywhere in the world.

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There are many ways to benefit from mobiles and make a profit out of mobile advertising. According to Elite Content Marketer’s Screen Time Statistics: Your Smartphone Is Hurting You, most people check their phones 58 times a day. Thirty of those times are during working hours. You can now imagine why implementing push notifications and messages in your marketing plan is a good idea.

Think of phones as the magic tool that will help your business reach more people and will help you achieve your business goals and higher sales. So consequently, it doesn’t hurt to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly and to add shopping buttons wherever they fit on Instagram and Facebook. Messages and notifications are believed to get results more than email marketing campaigns.

Plus, it has also been proven that videos are the most popular and the most successful ad strategy. Creating engaging and unique video content with a clear CTA (Call To Action) and a message that is informative and interesting and making this video mobile-friendly is one way to go about it. Paying special attention to the keywords in the titles, descriptions, and subtitles is always a plus.

Apart from the fact that focusing on your social media and digital marketing will get you closer to your audience, especially if you plan your content wisely, this will also strengthen your relationship with search engines. Of course, this will need a solid SEO strategy from your side. In addition, making content with mobile phones and mobile users in mind will increase the probability of your posts going viral and reaching a wider audience and people from all walks of life. It will also allow you to focus your strategy on more platforms, using different types of content and adding more customizable features. 60% of Google searches are done through mobile devices.

This is all very feasible once you plan right, create the right strategy, and gather the necessary data about your target audience such as their location, age range, gender, marital status, and more!

The next steps will be deciding which platforms are best for you to post on, and then customize your content based on all the information and data you have in hand.

Lucky for you, there are many tools to help you with this tricky journey, and various agencies are dedicated to helping small and developed businesses with their digital marketing to grow their audience and boost their sales.

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