The Importance of Event Video Production

Corporate event videos have become an essential way for businesses to communicate with their clients and a broader audience. Event video production has become in an increasing demand since newsletters have become a hassle for clients to read due to time constraints. Businesses have found that event video production is a much more highly impactful way of notifying their clients of their events’ achievements and here’s why.

live action event videos

People want more information but less reading

With an ever-shrinking attention span globally, social media users want a quick fix of information without having to read long stretches of text. Businesses resorted to professional teams of experts in videography and storytelling to get their message across to as many people as possible through socials, and have found that it greatly impacted the way their clients viewed their progress and achievements. Big bold text, highlighting the main points, some music and voice-overs, and an interview here and there, and word gets out!

Event video production requires a team

Businesses can kick their feet up and let professionals handle the video-making process. A skilled videographer, a scriptwriter, and an editor or animator will surely do a much more impressive job than a newsletter or PowerPoint presentation. Of course, ultimately, the final word on the project goes back to the business concerned, and it’s the team’s job to realize their vision and bring it to life with a narrative. It is not as simple as a few professionally shot frames and some music. Event video production requires storytelling, and the ability to create a mood for what the goals of the event were.

We’ve got your event video production needs covered

There are many ways to go about creating a corporate event video, and we at Business Motion have the tools necessary to provide you with the high-quality, impactful event video you desire. Take a look here, at a video we made for Alfa Telecom and their corporate social responsibility (CSR) endeavors. And this is a video we made for the 5G trial in Lebanon by Alfa Telecom. Our team of professionals can handle your video production needs with professionalism and expertise, guaranteed. Contact us on our email, to find out more, and get started on your next event video production project.

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