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YouTube as an Important Aspect of Video Marketing

How can YouTube enhance your video marketing strategy? YouTube has become the second largest search engine right after Google. This success is the result of many factors, including being a user-friendly online platform plus the rising admiration for videos. Video content has become very popular among internet surfers and it has become very evident that …

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How Effective are Covid-19 Explainer Videos?

The Covid-19 pandemic caused dramatic changes to businesses across all industries. It gave way to more businesses digitizing themselves and introducing new ways of communicating with their customers. Marketers have found it especially challenging to cope with the change, resorting to highly impactful awareness explainer videos to alert the public about the dangers and safety …

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Explainer Videos: Effective Tools To Pass Info Messages

Explainer videos are becoming more popular with each passing day extending their effect onto the educational space. Since 92% of those who view digital videos are millennial’s, topics that were once seen as abstract and hard to grasp are now readily accessible and can be better understood with videos.Various studies have indicated that explainer videos …

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Short video presentations for pitching projects

People love videos by default. The probability of having a video fan in the midst of your target audience is absolutely one. The chief reason why it is beneficial to adopt the use of short videos in your presentation is the fact that it captures the attention of the audience all through the session. People often get glued to the screens subconsciously.

Marketing Trends that are changing the world in 2018

In 2018, Content Marketing has become the number one efficient Marketing form that focuses on creating, publishing and disturbing valuable content to a targeted audience. Consumers have become more demanding.
Here are five new Content Marketing trends that are changing the world in 2018.

People Visit Your Website, Leave and Never Come Back, WHY?

Your website is often where potential customers form their first impressions of your company and decide whether or not to contact you. But simply having a website is not enough. You need to avoid making website mistakes that will lead to less traffic, lost conversions, lost time and energy and ultimately reduced revenue.

Online Presence for Business Growth

In today’s fast-paced digital world, establishing and maintaining a strong online presence is very essential to any brand’s success and survival, no matter how small or big the business is or what industry it belongs to. But the problem is that many business owners are not yet willing to invest in their online presence

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