Social Media Marketing Myths

In the past few years, the evolution of social media has surprised all of us! Social media can be an awesome and powerful tool for your brand and give your marketing a fresh spin especially for your video production company- but only when it is utilized correctly. But with the rise of social media, comes the rise of social media marketing myths.

However, although social media is now everywhere in a seriously inescapable way, unfortunately there are a number of misconceptions floating around that can lead to disappointment. This article will talk about the prominent social media marketing myths that have emerged over the years.

Let’s discover a few social media marketing myths 

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Myth #1 – My business should be active on all social media platforms

Don’t fall into this trap by trying to be present on every single social network. You might end up losing your time and resources on platforms that aren’t helping you achieve your goals. This is a mistake that many startups and even established businesses make.

What you should do instead is focus on an in-depth strategy for the platforms that matter most. Do your research to decide which one is best-suited for you and your company and will yield the best results.

In sum, your business should only join the social media platforms that will resonate with your target audience.

Myth #2 – Social media is only for youngsters

If you think the only people using social media are young adults and teens, you are mistaken. Social media use among older users is growing at an alarming rate, as studies show that that 40% of Facebook’s active users are over age 35. This means that social media is used by people of all ages.

Don’t neglect social media as a means of connecting with older customers. You will be excluding a significant number of potential clients if you ignore places where they can already be found.

Myth #3 – Social media is an independent marketing strategy

It’s wrong to think of social media marketing as a separate marketing strategy, operating in some sort of digital vacuum. Instead it actually performs best in conjunction with other, interrelated digital marketing strategies like content marketing, SEO, email marketing, and personal branding.

The truth is that your social strategy should be highly integrated with the rest of your marketing channels to ensure that all oars are rowing in the same direction. Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to reach people in the digital age. Keeping your website and blog up to date are also important.

Myth #4 – I’ll get anyone to manage my social media platforms

Social media marketing done the right way requires skilled talent. Don’t assume anyone on your team can be tasked with creating and posting your social media content. Thus, it is a huge mistake to hand your brand’s social media marketing to an inexperienced marketer.

You need somebody with judgment and experience so it’s worth hiring a professional who has true capabilities and talent and is dedicated to creating content, designing and producing the volume of creative needed to have successful social media channels. An expert will be able to create a social media marketing campaign that works with your business needs, industry and target market.

Myth #5 – Social media marketing costs nothing

This is not true because although major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. are all free to use, but there are many hidden costs involved in using social media as a business tool. The content and eco-system to support a sustained social media marketing effort requires budget and commitment.

In addition, the professionals with the skills and experience to make social media marketing successful are increasingly in demand and they need to be paid. Moreover, it is no longer an option to ignore social media advertising options.

With that being said, social media marketing still relatively costs less and is more cost-effective when compared to traditional marketing methods.

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Myth #6 – Hashtags are everything/ Stuff your posts with every possible hashtag

Hashtags are the new trend and have taken the social media world by storm. They are a neat tool to allow people to filter through millions of posts every day.

So while, including a couple of them in your post is fine, however, the practice of over-hashtagging looks spammy, unprofessional, and makes you look desperate. Therefore use hashtags in moderation and only when they are absolutely necessary.

Myth #7 – Social Media marketing results are immediate

Many businesses expect that they will see significant results from social media in 30 to 60 days. The fact is that building up a social media presence and following takes consistency and time.

Most businesses need to be willing to work on community building for 6-12 months before they can expect predictable results. The impact you have on your audience relies heavily on your dedication & loyalty to providing consistent, unique, and valuable content.


Don’t make the mistake of falling into the myth trap. Social media channels can bring a lot of good to your business when used wisely. For that to happen, you must know your target audience perfectly. This enables you to find a way to give your prospects what they want and turn them into your loyal customers.

Social media can be a powerful tool in your marketing and relationship building arsenal, however it is important to not see it simply as a magic bullet.

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