Short Animated Videos: The Actual Cost

Why Aren’t Short Animated Videos Much Cheaper Than A Long One?

There are multiple factors that affect the cost of an animated video. Things like complexity and style are key elements that determine how much a video costs. Taking that into consideration, one might assume that short animated videos are cheaper than long ones, but that’s not necessarily the case. We will explain why.

The process is a key factor in determining the cost of a video

First off, let us begin by looking at the elements that a short and long animated videos have in common. Animated videos go through a number of phases before completion. But this doesn’t have to do with the length.

First, there is data collection, scriptwriting, voice-over recording, developing a storyboard, illustration, and finally, animation. On another note, one factor that challenges the notion of shorter equals cheaper is that all animated videos go through these phases. Nonetheless, a video production company will dedicate a team for that no matter the supposed duration of the final product.

Animated video production and editing

The shorter the video, the harder it is to make

A general rule of thumb for all types of audio-visual media from movies to animated business videos is that the shorter the duration, the harder it is to contain all the elements that convey the message. And that goes especially for animated videos, because all the elements include: voice-overs, visual representation, to animation. Content must be concise and simplified in order to be clearly and effectively communicated to the audience.

Psychological factors that elevate the quality of a video

The most difficult aspect of creating a video is giving it the power to make an impact on the audience. Audience analysis as well as market behavior are essential to creating a refined video viewing experience. Moreover, Knowing the goal of a project goes hand in hand with understanding the behavior of the parties being addressed. That helps the creator know which tools are best to convey a message and determines the quality of the content. The psychological aspect of the work surely does not define the price of an individual project, but it certainly determines the quality of the production company and its skills.

Other than that, Looking for a company with the knowledge of what goes on in people’s heads is going to increase the chances of your project making an impact, and it’s really what gives a company a competitive edge.


The price of a video can really be a burden on most clients, and it is not that surprising considering the great importance of videos in today’s world. In addition, the market shifts rapidly and that requires quick easy and powerfully conveyed information. Simplified information is the general selling point of all communication today, but the gathering of data and understanding consumer behavior is essential to reach this simplicity. After all, simplicity is beauty, as the saying goes, and you can’t put a price tag on beauty.

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