Reef Garden: A Tale of Resilience and Entrepreneurial Success

In 2018, Business Motion embarked on a transformative video production project with Reef Garden, a spices manufacturer with a vision that transcended borders. Today, as I reconnect with Avo Kazanji, the founder of Reef Garden, their journey stands as a testament to resilience, adaptability and entrepreneurial success in the face of adversity. 


Reef Garden’s inception was rooted in a visionary idea: to provide expatriates with the tastes of home, no matter where they roamed.  Guided by a passion for quality and authenticity, the company sought to offer high-quality ingredients alongside traditional recipes, catering to the culinary cravings of those far from familiar kitchens. With ISO certification and a presence in 33 countries, Reef Garden swiftly became a global brand.

Yet, as Lebanon weathered economic storms and the seismic shockwaves of COVID-19, many businesses faltered. Amid currency crises and soaring production costs, Reef Garden stood firm, pivoting its strategy to focus on the local market. This shift was not without its challenges; entrenched competitors loomed large, some boasting half a century of market dominance.

Business Motion, a video marketing and production agency, was entrusted to capture Reef Garden’s key success factors in a captivating video.

Combining cinematic flair with informative graphics, the resulting video became a cornerstone of Reef Garden’s marketing components, showcased at exhibitions and shared with prospective clients.

Reflecting on its  impact of the produced tool, Avo stated: “Though created years ago, the video produced by business motion remains up to date and I still use it for my B2B communications”

Today, Reef Garden stands as a beacon of resilience, having navigated tumultuous seas to emerge as a leader in its industry. Through vision, adaptive strategies, and partnerships, Reef Garden embodies the spirit of entrepreneurial success. As we celebrate their success story, let it serve as inspiration for entrepreneurs everywhere: in the face of crisis, innovation and determination pave the path to prosperity.

Don’t hesitate to contact Business Motion for your next video project; let us bring your vision to life with our expertise and creativity.

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