Questions to Ask your Video Production Company

There are many decisions to take during the process of creating business-boosting videos for your company, the number one step, however, is to hire a reputable and up-to-date Video Production Company such as Business Motion. What message do you want to get across? How are you going to convince people to buy your product or try your brand? What results do you want to achieve by getting your video out for the world to see? But most importantly, how do you know that this particular production company will not only understand your vision and catch the heart and soul of your brand but also it will get you your desired results? And honestly, your expectations should be high! A video can be a huge help to your marketing strategy and can help you reach extremely far business goals. So before you decide if a certain company is right for you, it is advised to ask the following questions:

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Do they have a repertoire of successful results from other clients?

The video for your business, organization, or event should not only be creative and appealing, but it should meet your previously-set expectations when it comes to engagement, revenue, traffic, conversion rates, etc. Otherwise, you have a very interesting video that is of absolutely no use to you, your corporate, your team, and your future. That’s why a successful Video Production Company knows exactly what its team is doing; they are creating a business/corporate video, not a mere motion picture. That means that the final result is a video that is of huge benefit to the company, corporate, or brand that it represents.

What about clients’ reviews?

Just as hiring companies almost always ask potential employees for references from previous employers, so should you. Of course, nowadays a quick Google search will show you all the reviews, good and bad. However, if reviews are not available online, or if you want additional guarantees, you can always ask for credible reviews from other clients.

Can you meet the team?

After all, the team is the company. A professional and creative team that consists of hard-working people that are also friendly and easy to work with will save you A LOT of time, and energy, and thus, will save you money. Passion and a deep care and a love for details and the process as a whole will ensure that the video this team creates is a video made with the best resources and broad knowledge of modern ways and techniques. Because a person that loves what he/she is doing is always looking for the best and most developed manners to create literal art, no matter his/her profession.

Do their videos have that unique spark?

The internet is overflowing with video content, so you want your video to be milestones ahead of your competitors’ corporate videos and to stand out from the crowd! Take a look at their previous work, and see what you and your team think about them. Do they offer something different? Something special? Something MORE? Or are they the same as every other video you see online? More so, are their videos of high quality? Does it look like they use modern and good equipment?

Does their style resonate with your audience?

You may look at a certain Video Production Company and it has everything you are looking for, professionalism, creativity, being ahead of trends, good quality, and MORE, however, there’s a catch! Their style won’t make sense with your company’s essence, and that’s completely fine and normal. You need to keep looking and find a company that’s spirit matches your spirit so you can get the best results possible!

The first and foremost reason to have a digital presence is to get validation of your existence as a business and create awareness among potential customers. -Business Motion, video production company.

Other details will and should come to your mind, like budget, deadlines, etc. That’s why it is great to take your time and chose wisely! Promotional videos are done best when there are a lot of discussions and a give-and-take type of relationship between the company and the client. Find this type of connection and you will get yourself a team that is ready to immerse all their energy and resources into creating the perfect video for your brand!

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