Why Brands Make Marvellous Content Marketing

It’s something that has been with us since the dawn of mankind. It has shaped our cultures, fueled our creativity, and has even helped us sleep better at night. Stories have been at the core of what makes us human, and they have been used to benefit humanity throughout history. So, it would only be logical to make use of stories in content marketing. In this article, we’re going to explain how adding a story to your brand makes for more impactful content marketing through video!

Storytelling and content marketing for brands- Business motion

A story helps people relate to the brand

If you take a look at the content that’s being put out there by brands today, you’ll notice that almost every ad has a story, and that’s no coincidence. The reason brands use stories is that they invoke emotion, and emotion is what leads people to take action. Depending on the ad’s target audience, the elements of the story change, but the goal remains to get you to take action. Take this ad by Nike, for example. For the sake of brevity, we won’t get into the nitty-gritty details of what makes this ad so engaging, but if you take a look at how the ad incorporates the habits of professional soccer players, and how it links that with the zest of young amateur football players, you’ll notice how it is using story appealing to the youth who are into football, trying to get them to relate to Nike products and sponsored players, among a series of other things.

Stories are a good vehicle for placing ideals

A brand needs a set of core values in order to be a full brand. And when in content marketing through video, exhibiting those values and ideals is essential to bring awareness to consumers about your product. If your brand sells tissue paper, then you should market it with a story around tissue paper. What we mean by this is, take the time to brainstorm a set of ideas for stories to tell that relates to the experience of using your brand’s tissue paper. You’ll need to create content that revolves around things like softness, comfort, and maybe even health and environmental safety. Your product is tissue paper, but you’re selling ideas and experiences. In the video content marketing industry, teams are dedicated to creating these stories and enhancing B2C relationships and engagement. We at Business Motion are among these creators, and video content marketing is one of our many strong suits. If you’re looking to tell a story, we’re the people you want to talk to!

Stories are essential to making more powerful and impactful content.

Good stories help a brand to stand out

If you clicked on Nike ad, we’re willing to bet that you didn’t even blink. Considering that Nike is already a widely successful brand, there is no such thing as “enough marketing”. How many brands have fallen off the face of the earth because they did not innovate? Today’s content marketing landscape is chock-full of stories and clever ideas, and that is one of the indicators that storytelling in marketing is a major factor in successful content marketing. Video production companies are always working towards more powerful storytelling and delivery, and those that don’t are running out of business fast. Brands are looking to improve their presence in the market and it’s only getting more competitive. 

This just about sums up our take on how and why stories are essential to making more powerful and impactful content, and how brands like Nike among others use them to get their customers to take action. If you are looking to get a product or service into the content marketing arena, contact us at info@businessmotion.digital, we’d be glad to work with you!

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