LinkedIn Advertising Campaigns: A Brief Overview


Advertising campaigns are crucial in many ways for businesses. Getting its name circulating through effective ad campaigns greatly increases the chance of getting more business, increasing sales, etc. Now, this article is not to discuss advertising in general, but an overview of how to effectively advertise your business on LinkedIn. Read on to learn more about effectively selling your brand’s image.
Digital Advertising Media Strategy
Digital Advertising Media Strategy
Types of Ads

First off, there are several types of ads you can use for your campaign on LinkedIn. There are Text ads, Display ads, Dynamic ads, Sponsored content and Sponsored InMail. Text ads appear at the top or right of the screen, they are very simple, nothing too fancy. Display ads appear at the sides of the feed where they can be easily viewed by users. Dynamic ads are basically personalized Display ads; they show information that relates to the profile information of the user viewing the ad in order to make it more relevant to them. Sponsored content appears directly in the feed, most easily viewed by users.

Businesses tend to use this form of ads to promote their products and services. Sponsored InMail allows advertisers to reach specific users, and taking personalized advertising even further, InMail is received by users only when they are online and active to increase open rates. So many options for one site; but then again, it’s only the largest and most popular professional networking site on the planet!

In order to better relate to their audience, businesses tend to overuse industry lingo. Surely, they have the purest of intentions, but sadly, industry lingo alone just doesn’t cut it anymore. Of course, smart word play could be fun, but not in every case. People, and especially businesses tend to want to know what they’re getting in a realistic tone or manner. Advertising is long past Jargon and overly inflated words of grandiosity. That is not to say that your copy should be bland, but be sure to keep it strong and solid.

LinkedIn Advertising

Creating Impactful Ads

It is very important to have multiple options of ads to use, rather than only making one and posting it. Having various options helps the odds of your campaign succeeding in that you would have a plan B as opposed to having only one shot and failing. It is very difficult to precisely pinpoint what an audience wants to see in an ad, and one of the better qualities of advertising is the element of surprise. People tend to pay attention after they had just been surprised. Don’t underestimate an audience’s capacity for clever, attention-grabbing content as well as its capacity for boredom at less impactful ads.

Campaigns are exciting and all, and it feels great when an audience responds positively to your ads, but what really matters is the Click Through Rate, or CTR. LinkedIn considers a CTR of 0.025 percent to be good. It is important to monitor and analyze the response to your campaign to gain insight into your audience’s preference and also improve your performance in your next campaign.

Advertising on LinkedIn is a very smart and effective way to broaden your network with other businesses and individuals. You never know when the next big business opportunity will come knocking at your door as long as you persist and constructively criticize your progress along the way. Broadening your knowledge of your target audience is the key to reaching it effectively and selling your product or service. Looking to enhance your online presence on social media, connect with us and let us help you capitalize on the opportunities digital media holds for your business!

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