Lebanon’s Digital Marketing Agencies’ Strong Points

Digital marketing is the heart and soul of every business anywhere around the world. In Lebanon, many people and companies have perfected the art of online advertising and are now coming up with creative, successful, and up-to-date plans and strategies to keep businesses blooming.

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We at Business Motion, for example, are leaders in the industry in Lebanon and are still learning and growing as we go. We also have a pretty clear idea of the importance of social media while advertising a brand, product, event, or other and ensure that each client receives a customized and curated plan that guarantees the best results possible. B2B marketing is indeed one of the many unwavering businesses in our country, the reason behind this fact is that no matter how low on funds a start-up is, they must get efficient help with their digital marketing because it is essential for the company’s growth and success. More so, as in every other industry in Lebanon, digital marketing agencies have their strong and weak points existing in a place where positive factors are just as many and evident as negative factors. So here are Lebanon’s digital marketing agencies’ strong and weak points:

Lack of Funds

In Lebanon, especially at present, one can struggle to find adequate and easy funds for their start-up. This is especially tricky now that many already established companies and businesses are struggling with the current situation and economic crisis, not to mention the consequences of the pandemic.

Freedom of Speech

Social media equals content, this is both good and bad in Lebanon. While the freedom of speech is not as high as in the United States, for example, or in European countries, one can’t fail to notice that Lebanon is generally not as oppressive as some other Arab countries. As long as you take legal precautions, whatever content you come up with will be fine. One should also acknowledge that the freedom of expression has witnessed a setback in the past couple of years, however, even with this deterioration, we are still ahead of other countries. Plus, it is important to mention that this aspect concerns journalism more than digital marketing since it concerns the government and social sides less and is usually purely business.

Passionate & Educated People

It is well-known that the youth of Lebanon are educated and knowledgeable people. The Lebanese grow up to be fluent in 3 languages if not more and graduates have all attended reputable universities, whether they are private or public. There is no other option, all universities in Lebanon are excellent. And even though the field of media is still relatively new, however, according to Learn German, universities are adapting their master’s degree curricula to offer courses on media entrepreneurship. You are guaranteed to find passionate and hardworking people who are just as loyal as they are productive.

Small Country

When you start a company in a small country such as Lebanon, it is easier for your brand to stand out and be unique due to the more-or-less low number of startups. It is also less challenging to succeed and become a leading company in your field. To add to that fact, you also have limitless resources to benefit from. People have internet access everywhere and almost every person is active on different social media outlets, so if you work wisely and hard enough, you will reach your target without any doubt.

Tips for freelancers to abide by! Transparency: always say the truth. Listening: listen to your client carefully and ask the necessary questions. Humility: be open to criticism - Business Motion

If your company has potential you can and will succeed! Lebanon is a small country full of competent people for you to hire and others who are highly interested in bettering and improving their lives and themselves. You can achieve your business goals and you can grow a crowd of loyal customers, you just have to understand the market and follow our other advice on how to create the best social media plan!

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