Key Considerations when Choosing the Right Video Production Company

Launching a video production project for your business can be an exciting yet daunting task. Once you announce your intention to create a video, you’re likely to receive a flood of proposals from agencies and freelancers alike. However, it’s crucial to choose the right video production partner to ensure the success of your project.


While freelancers may offer their services at a lower cost, it’s often not advisable to hire them for video production. Producing a high-quality video requires a diverse team comprised of a writer, illustrator, motion graphic designer, and animator. Freelancers typically possess only one or two of these skills, making it challenging to deliver a comprehensive and polished final product.

On the other hand, keeping video production in-house may seem like a viable option, but it’s not recommended either. Expertise is essential for this task, and entrusting your most featured communication tool to amateurs within your company can result in subpar results. Despite their passion for video production, lacking the necessary skills and experience can lead to underwhelming outcomes.

So, how do you choose the right agency for your video production needs?

The first and most crucial step is to evaluate their portfolio.

Pay close attention to which industries they have worked with, and take a look at their YouTube channel for a comprehensive view of their work.

When examining their portfolio, focus on two key aspects: styles and content complexity.

The best agency for your project is one that has extensive experience working within or similar to your industry. This familiarity allows the team, including writers, art directors, and animators, to better understand your target audience and tailor the content accordingly.

Another critical element to consider is the diversity of design styles in their portfolio. Each video should have a unique design that aligns with each client brand identity, rather than reflecting the agency’s signature style.

For example, suppose you hire Agency X for your video production needs. In the unfortunate event that your competitor also chooses Agency X, there’s a risk of producing two similar videos that lack differentiation. Your explainer video should embody the essence of your company, not the agency you’ve hired.

In conclusion, selecting the right video production partner is essential for the success of your project. By thoroughly evaluating their portfolio and ensuring diversity in design styles, you can choose an agency that understands your industry and can deliver a unique and compelling video tailored to your brand.

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