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It might seem that social media is where everything’s happening online these days. The truth is that EMAIL is bigger than ever. Email marketing is a type of direct marketing that involves the use of email to develop relationships with prospects, customers and partners alike. You can use it to invite people to visit your website, announce your company news, send holiday greetings, promote coming events. So, is it worth it to invest in email marketing?

Email is huge. According to Statista, more than 269 billion emails were sent and received every day in 2017. Moreover, studies have shown that email remains the preferred form of communication between businesses and their customers. Still not convinced to invest in email Marketing? Consider the following benefits:

ROI in email marketing

1- Email Marketing generates the highest ROI

The cost of using email marketing campaigns is negligible. Moreover, the results are highly favorable. This means that it is a cost effective tool and the most preferred means of marketing.

Thus, of all marketing channels, email typically has the best ROI. It is an essential component to any good, comprehensive digital plan. The Direct Marketing Association says that email marketing can have an ROI of up to 4000%. In addition, a report by EmailExpert found that for every $1 invested in email marketing, you are expected to make $44.25 back.

2- Email Marketing is measurable

Email marketing possesses an inherent capacity for robust measurement. Email marketing platforms provide a wealth of valuable data and analytical information. This gives you insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns.

For example, when you use inexpensive email marketing software like MailChimp, you can easily measure the most important metrics like:

 Open Rates (Who opened your email)

 Click-through Rates (Which links were clicked)

 Unsubscribe Rate (How many people unsubscribed)

email subscription

In addition, if you have included an embedded video, referral traffic to that video can indicate what percentage of recipients viewed your content.

The list goes on but one thing is sure: Using these metrics, analytics and insights, you will be able to test your marketing messages and you can always work on improving your campaigns by maybe changing the subject lines, the call to action, the message itself, the sending date etc…

3- Email Marketing delivers personalized and relevant messages

Today’s consumers are bombarded with marketing messages. They tend to respond best to those that are personalized and relevant.

Personalization is becoming key for successful marketing. Email lets you be highly personable. Unlike cold calls and direct mail where you have the same static content for every customer, email lets you customize messages easier. It also increases the chances of turning leads into customers. For example, you can simply send a personalized email with your user’s name.

In addition to personalization, Email segmentation allows you to be hyper-targeted with your communications where you will be sending the right message to the right person. For example, you can segment your customer contacts list into smaller lists based on their demographics, interests, location or any other data,. Then you can send relevant messages, offers and content to that audience. This ensures the content you send is relevant to every individual recipient.

4- Email Marketing is essential for reaching mobile consumers

Email has also become a huge part of the mobile environment. With mobile usage growing every day, more and more people are viewing your email campaigns on mobile devices (nearly two-thirds of all emails being opened on a mobile device).

Hence email marketing is one of the best tools you can use to take advantage of the growing popularity of mobile technology in order to engage with your customers via their mobile device, which they simply cannot live without.

But note that your email marketing campaigns should be optimized for the Mobile Era (by keeping a simple design, optimizing your text, limiting your images, using CTA buttons…), as this could lead to a significant increase in opens and click-through rates that drives results for your business.

5- Email Marketing fosters relationships, trust and loyalty

Email Marketing is a great way to facilitate the development of strong one-on-one customer relationships.

By creating and delivering consistent, engaging and interesting newsletters and Emails that add value to your customers, people will trust and respect you and your company over time. And consumers buy from those they trust, so they will automatically be loyal to your company

6- Email Marketing is simple and easy to use

It’s very quick and simple to run an email Marketing campaign to reach your current and potential customers right in their inbox. It is also much easier than other more traditional marketing campaigns.

Anyone can do email marketing anytime, as it doesn’t need effort, a huge team and any specific technical skills to get started and create a successful campaign.

email marketing sending emails

Email marketing deserves a serious and educated look, and is difficult to ignore. It simply works great and drives powerful returns. Businesses, large and small who aren’t using Email Marketing, run the risk of missing out on a valuable and effective marketing tool.

Therefore, i’s time for you to start taking advantage of the many benefits of this very powerful tool. Just take some time to learn the essentials of Email Marketing and implement it in your business for the growth and success. It is time to invest in email marketing!
FINAL NOTE: Using VIDEO in your email marketing campaigns makes your emails more stimulating and interactive.

According to Forrester Research, including video in an email leads to a whopping 200-300% increase in click-through rate.

Therefore video and email make a great team.

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