Instagram For Business: The Benefits

Instagram may not be as popular as other social media giants like Facebook and Twitter regarding its user base, but it’s correct to assume that it has evolved into one of the most effective advertising tools for businesses considering where it was eight years ago. These new changes are leading brands to realize they could achieve more by grasping the tools available on Instagram.

Other than the user-friendly features that are available on Instagram, how can you use it to advertise your business? How can you increase profits by taking advantage of these tools?

Social media Instagram for business

These are highly sensitive questions. There are reasons and benefits to why you should think in the direction of moving your business forward with Instagram. Below are some of the benefits of using Instagram for advertising your business:

Connecting with customers:

With a large number of users on platforms as Facebook and Twitter, companies are quick to explore these channels as their first means of getting across to their customers. These are platforms that undoubtedly feature a large number of followers, but when it comes to active engagement, the statistics clearly state otherwise.

Perhaps it’s because of the image nature of its content or for some other reason; research statistics indicate that Instagram can offer 100 times engagement compared to what one could have on Twitter.

Instagram connecting clients

Know what people like:

Although this may not be so obvious to you, your customers may be helping you do a considerable part of your marketing by sharing photos and discussing your business on Instagram.

This is especially true when your business has a physical location that customers can visit now and then.

For instance, let’s consider a restaurant; people will always share a photo of their favorite dish. With Instagram, it’s easy to share such pictures and even have their locations tagged. This is the fastest way to get the message out.

Hence, if you are following up on the conversation, you would be in pole position to know what your existing and new customers prefer.

marketing for your Instagram business

Connecting with new audience:

Connecting easily with new photos, new businesses and new people has been one of the selling points of today’s Instagram. One of the ways to exploit this feature is by employing the use of hashtags. Just like what you have on other platforms, whenever someone includes a hashtag in a post, a link is automatically created. And when you follow that link, it’s going to connect you to a page where you can view everything that has been previously shared via that hashtag.


As an alternative to hashtags, you could also implement the ‘Discover me’ tab; it is also designed to assist users to connect with content and users that they consider relevant to their goals or objectives.


It stands out how social media platforms are helping various brands to climb to the top of their niche. And unsurprisingly, Instagram has been noted as one of the most efficient channels to have customers and potential customers engaged. This is no myth; this is real; you can equally influence your business by taking advantage of the tools available on Instagram.

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