Influencer Marketing: Sweet or Sour?

Brands, companies, and entrepreneurs everywhere seek as much exposure as possible in order to send their message. To do so, social media influencers are hired to expand brands’ audience further using the influencers’ personal touch on the subject. This is called influencer marketing.

An influencer is basically a person on the internet with a lot of followers looking up to him. As the name goes, an influencer helps their audience/followers to seek inspiration. Using influencer marketing, brands and companies can expand their exposure over social media platforms.

Regardless, taking that leap has its sweet and sour.



The authenticity of the Influencers Serves Justice

The public listens to trust-worthy influencers, and brands take advantage of that by marketing their products.

One of the most authentic influencers that come to mind is Felix Kjellberg, also known as PewDiePie, a comedian and video game player who has racked up followers throughout years of his display of natural quirky traits. Over time, he gained followers along with their trust.

It is a Win-Win Deal

This act of promotion naturally bears the desired fruit of both the brand and the influencer. The influencer would grow more and receive better looking deals in time.

On the other hand, the brand gains a larger audience resulting in more profit.

Audiences Spend a Lot Of Time on Social Media

This fact shows that influencers marketing, whose jobs are literally based on social media specifically, is a smart social strategy to help companies connect with audiences.

Those audiences without a second thought become interested in the product as a result of their favorite influencer being drawn to it as well.

Influencer marketing social media


The brand and the influencer don’t mesh well at times.

Simply put, each influencer has an image to show; so does the brand. Specific conditions are applied onto the influencer when advertising a product. But of a lot of conditions just don’t align with the influencer’s demographic and personality.

Influencer Scandals Leave Harsh Impacts

The biggest internet scandal running around the internet at the moment is the Jordyn Woods/Triston Thompson cheating scandal. For short, Kylie Jenner’s best friend Jordyn Woods reportedly cheated with Triston Thompson who has a long history with the family. As the word came out, Jordyn’s collaboration with a brand (Eylure X Jordyn Lashes) had terrible feedback and received negative comments and ratings, dragging the brand along with her.

Zero guarantees

There is a high risk in hiring an influencer to represent a brand/product. This process is a long chain of planning, enthusiasm of the opposite party, outpacing competition, and taking risks.

Social media marketing


Influencer marketing comes down to both sides, not one or the other solely. When a brand gives out a free product to an influencer to show their Instagram followers, the advertisement should be worth that giveaway.

But if you’re a part of a company seeking exposure, then do keep the above notes in mind.

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