How Video Elevates Your CSR Work

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a rapidly growing practice among corporations of all sizes worldwide. It dramatically affects society in a positive, constructive way and builds trust between corporations and their communities. However, how do these corporations portray themselves to the public and let them know that they care for their community’s development and well being? Why is it important for them to do so? In the course of this article, you will find out how CSR videos impact a business’s overall image and market share.
How does video communicate CSR work?

When a corporation does its part in improving and developing its surrounding community, it is a huge plus to make a video showcasing its efforts and achievements. It portrays a friendly, professional, and open corporate image, and that puts people at ease. If modern times have proven anything to us, it is that people love to watch videos. Capitalizing on that gives a corporation a great advantage in its public relations as well as business. A corporation’s CSR work benefits surrounding communities greatly. Moreover, CSR reflects kindness on the corporation’s behalf.  A CSR video represents a sense of mutual belonging between a corporation and its community.

CSR Corporate Social Responsibility
Businesses becoming socially responsible
The role of video in CSR today

Since video has become the primary source of on-the-go information, and the demand for it in online education is giving it more importance, we can safely say, gone are the days when media presence is secondary for businesses. Times are moving fast, nobody has the time to read through catalogs and long press releases. Video lets your viewers know quickly and easily, so that business partners can quickly get the message and you can get down to business. Regular viewers can now pass the message and create buzz about the best business in town.

Social Responsibility
Different things that make up social responsibility


Video empowers the corporation to do more in CSR

Corporations are investment-oriented entities, and that is not limited to financials. A corporation can invest in itself through its CSR work and its presentation of its success in it. When it comes to communication, people are attracted to action and results. Doing CSR work and making a real impact is essential, and adding a video about it to the mix increases that impact to another level. In the past, corporations didn’t give much attention to PR and social responsibility, but nowadays they can’t do without it. It’s the age of the friendly corporation, and if a business wants to be recognized and to make its mark, it needs to participate in corporate acts of kindness, and let people know about it to really lift off and gain the recognition it needs to grow.

Video has rapidly made its way into our lives in ways never before seen. All of that happened just over a decade ago, and it is only gaining importance as time goes on. Telling your story through video is proven to be the most reliable way to maximize reach and impact whether it’s on socials or traditional media. it is essential to incorporate video into your business approach, for its benefits far exceed its costs. We know, we’ve seen it, it’s why we excel at what we do because if there is one thing our clients trust us for is quality, powerful and compelling video content. Get in touch with us, and get your business’s media presence off the ground!


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