How to Make an Outstanding Corporate Video​

Producing a video for your business is an exciting venture, it requires creativity, know-how and most of all time. But in case you decided to make a corporate video by yourself, I will list below the steps and some guidance that will help you produce your own corporate video or business video.

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Identify first the main usage of your corporate video

To know the duration of your corporate video, you must first know where you will mainly use it. It could be used through your B2B meetings, in a conference, an event, displayed on your webpage or on your social media channels. Audience behavior varies from one platform to another. If you want to display the video in an event, then the audience is obliged to watch whatever you show them so the duration is somehow flexible. On the other hand, if you are in a B2B meeting and addressing C level executives, they could get easily bored. In this case, stick to 90 to 120 seconds. This duration is also the best if you want to place your corporate video on your webpage.

Producing your own corporate video is an achievement but since quality comes first, it is better to test how the audience will react when they see it. You can try to test your video quality with a few of your friends or viewers that are somehow similar to your final target audience. Do not publish a low quality corporate video on your homepage! It will damage your brand.

Below, we will talk about how to make a video for your webpage. This can also be used in B2B presentations, added as an email signature and of course uploaded on your company’s YouTube channel. This means the duration of your corporate video is somewhere between 90 to 120 seconds.

What is your main message ?

Corporate videos explain what a business or organization offers as well as what differentiates it from its competitors. It also lists when it was established. Other than that, they explain why a customer should choose your company over another, and why they should trust your company as well as purchase any of your products or services. Furthermore, they can describe any other details that consolidates trust.

In other words, a corporate video is your company profile visualized in seconds. It should reflect your company status exactly. Keep in mind that the viewer is someone that has done extensive research within your medium and any false data shown in the video would be bad for you.

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Data collection and script writing

Start by collecting data. An example of some documents you might use are an updated company profile. You can add awards you might have as well. Ask your loyal customers on your strengths and why they prefer you as their service provider and what differentiates you from your competitors.

Second, start recording the following conversation. Imagine you are in a sales meeting and you are pitching your company. The same applies to video. In the recorded audio you will try to convince the buyer to buy products and services. Most of the data you mentioned in the virtual meeting must be mentioned in the written script.

A Corporate video is a well-designed brief of what you or other involved stakeholders will say when pitching your company or briefing a cause such as this video we produced for the European Mathematics Society that showcases the importance of mathematics in innovation. Write down the audio into a transcript then merge the data and start writing a script.

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The most difficult part of making business videos is coming up with a story. At the same time, consider timing while writing your script because 120 seconds is equivalent to around 300 words.

If you have reached this point in reading the article and feel you don’t want to go through this mess, then connect with us, at business motion we will do it all, hassle free!

Let’s continue. Be aware that script writing takes a lot of time. Why? Because you will need to modify, add some ideas, and replace a few words. Give it time and always consult with others; your partners might add some ideas you missed. One thing you shouldn’t do is insert data that viewers already know. No one is willing to spend time watching things they already know.

Deciding the style of your business video

Corporate videos can be made in three different styles: animation, live-action or a combination of both. You will decide to choose among these depending on your business. The first step in gaining loyal customers is developing trust. Viewers will want to know that what you are saying is true. To do that, visuals should validate what you have already mentioned in your script. A corporate video is a great way for people to get to know you. It brings customers into your world on a deeper level and it’s always much more efficient than just reading about you.

If, for instance, your company is in the ICT sector, you can use animated graphics. But the question remains, should you use a cartoon character or just animated graphics? Just because you prefer seeing a cartoon character doesn’t mean that it’s better to use it. To decide on that, you should refer to your brand identity such as the video we produced for medical distributors  and the script you have previously written. What is your story like? Does it involve an end user? If it does, then the end user can be represented by a cartoon element.

Voice over recording

Even though this part looks the easiest, it isn’t. Despite the many accessible freelancers online, the trick is you need to find someone that can portray their love of the brand and their affiliation to the company using their voice. Voice-over professionals need to show excitement. They need to give the right tone and show some positivity so that they can convince the viewers without boring them. Usually, a voice over recording would cost between 150 to 300 USD. Knowing that, you now have to search between thousands and thousands of professional voice over talents online to find the appropriate one.

Sketching a storyboard

Storyboards are basically a sketch of how you’re planning to represent each idea in the script. Open a power point and start writing the text. After that, start creating a visual for each sentence. The visual and the sentence should both explain the same idea. If you have some keywords you need to use, then you need to focus on them. These keywords or numbers need to be written on the screen of your video.

Keep your company logo on the side of the screen. Don’t forget the palette of colors that you should be using. After all, this video is one of the communication tools of your company and it should have the same identity as your company. If you are planning to use animated graphics, then keep on using the same style in the illustrations or same type of character. You can also use stock footage from the many stock footage sites out there. Some of these stock websites have a yearly subscription. Another thing you should pay attention to is trying not to insert any footage that doesn’t align with the company culture or the region the company is in so that your viewers can relate to the content.

Using animated graphics requires some experience in specific programs such as adobe illustrator. As for animating the graphics., you need to use a program like adobe after effects. If you have finished doing all the previous like the script, storyboard and chose the voice over, you can now hire a freelance or a professional company like Business Motion that would execute what you have already prepared.

You might also need some editing services. The same freelance you hire might have the skills to edit and cut the parts that you are planning to insert in your video. You can also contact us and we will do that for you. Of course working with an experienced professional company is a much easier and time efficient solution.

sketching a storyboard for video production

Here are more tips on designing and creating the perfect business video.

  • Deploying on-screen text. It captures the attention of the customer and emphasizes on the particular information which should be processed.
  • Dividing information into adequately sized chunks. This makes it easier for the viewer to process it. This can be achieved through proper management of video duration, implementing pauses, or break points all through the video.
  •  Getting rid of any unwanted information within a video. These might obstruct the ability of the viewer to process and recall information. It helps enhance the viewer capacity to utilize both the visual and auditory channels so they can memorize.
  • Present information in a manner that targets the visual and auditory channels at the same time. For instance, providing narration along with on-screen animation. This helps to improve processing within the functional memory and prevent any cognitive overload.

Adding Music

Music is also an important element. Of course you need to buy copyright or use royalty free music. Don’t forget to protect your rights of your company, watch the video we have produced to know why and how to protect your intellectual property. There are many websites you can buy music from.  For example, AudioBlocks and Pond5. The price will vary from one platform to another. As for the choice of music, try to find a music that is not repetitive.

Finally, you are now ready to puzzle all the elements all together, but that’s not all.

Now come the amendments. This part will take a lot of time even if you spent time on the previous phases. Amending is transforming your video from something that’s just visually pleasing to a corporate video then to the best corporate video.


Creating your corporate video is a job that everyone would like doing. If you follow the above steps, you will reach an acceptable result in about three months.

Remember! The result won’t be as good as the work of a professional corporate video company that has done projects that are similar to what you need. The whole process requires a team. The more professional and experienced they are, the smoother the work-flow. It will also give you a better the final product with lower cost. You can watch our videos on our YouTube channel.

If you are planning on producing your corporate video or just have a few questions, then don’t hesitate to contact us! Our team will  do everything you need from A to Z. Get started with us by your side and get your video project off the ground today!

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