How to Do Digital Marketing Right in 2022

Digital marketing gurus have to work harder and harder every year to make the most revenue, reach marketing goals, boost sales & traffic, raise awareness of their brand or business in general, reach a worldwide audience, and more!

Video marketing tips: Videos increase website traffic. - Business Motion

There is so much more than meets the eye when it comes to digital marketing; some of the fundamentals are content, SEO, UX, branding, etc. However, online work is forever changing and developing with new marketing strategies and trends that are different from one year to the other. In 2022, marketers are adopting new techniques to make the most benefits out of their social media and digital marketing game. Here are the digital marketing trends of 2022:

  • Short videos
  • DIY videos
  • Real-life stories
  • Campaigns that relate to the audience
  • Building a transparent and trusting relationship with online audience & customers
  • Uniqueness
  • Artificial intelligence

Most companies, just for the sake of being part of the winning team when it comes to the digital world, trying something new, and thinking outside of the box, are considering or have already shifted their marketing to the Metaverse or the blockchain technology. Considering social commerce like launching shops on Instagram and Facebook can also boost your sales and reach targeted – as well as lazy customers. There are a lot of ways in which you can – and you will – be promoting your services and advertising your brand; there are text, visuals, videos, live streams, etc.

Whichever medium you chose to stick with, whichever works best for you and your business, or even if you find it is best to mix and match between different styles and techniques, the best way to go about any marketing strategy is to use simple and clear content. People hate complexity, so the best way to get your message across to them and make sure that they are interested, and get them to make a purchase is by avoiding hard-to-digest content – or even an unfriendly website. So always remember that simplicity and clarity go a long way when marketing your product, business, or event!

While we’re on the ‘following trends’ topic, you have to understand people’s mentality and ethics have changed drastically in the past years. Make an effort to make your product and service as environmentally friendly as possible and as sustainable as possible. Avoid at all costs greenwashing people! Advertise what you are offering honestly and transparently to claim loyal and trusting customers. Just as critical is the issue of gender. Try adopting a gender-neutral tone of voice and content.


This is what we meant when we said that ‘real-life stories’ and ‘relatable content’ are a trend nowadays. If you want to reach a global audience, you have to take into consideration what the majority of people are following at the moment, what trends, what causes, what influencers, what platforms even, etc. This will allow you to grow your business significantly. One factor that we cannot ignore is the pandemic that changed the marketing game once and for all, in our opinion.

e-Marketing videos production & online presence

People are making online purchases more than ever and businesses and focusing on their e-marketing like never before. The focus has shifted to making online shopping easier and more accessible while using the right strategies and techniques to make companies appear on search engines. Businesses have noticed and studies have been conducted on the subject that people are more likely to decide to purchase a certain product after they have watched a video online about it rather than when they read about it.

This has driven many companies to create videos and post them online, hoping that people will come across them, watch them, and be interested enough to give what they have to offer a chance or at least share the video with their friends. Of course, in the sea of videos and businesses online, the process is very hard and tricky. That’s the reason why companies like Business Motion exist. Thanks to our team of trained and dedicated professionals, we create marketing videos that are true to the business and are compelling and engaging enough to catch the viewer’s attention from the first few seconds.

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