How to Create Engaging Social Media Videos

Putting your marketing effort towards creating engaging social media videos will get you top-notch results. Marketers anywhere in the world and in all industries are using videos to get the consumer to learn more about their brand and services while increasing traffic on their social media accounts and website. Using videos as a way to get people to engage with you and to build trustworthy and strong relationships with your followers and loyal customers will help you boost your sales and grow your business as well as your online presence. However, creating great videos that are worth watching and sharing is no easy business! It takes a lot of research, effort, resources, creativity, and passion to put together a video that people will watch thoroughly and thus better understand your message and decide to purchase your product or try your service. Video content marketing is highly successful as long as it is done right. So here’s to creating engaging and interesting social media videos:

The first and foremost reason to have a digital presence is to get validation of your existence as a business and create awareness among potential customers. -Business Motion, video production company.

First Things First:

Gathering data about your audience, checking your competitors’ profiles, coming up with ideas and picking the perfect one for you and your viewers, creating the right content, setting up your budget, and dividing tasks between members of your team wisely are all important parts of your strategy that must precede the actual shooting of the video. Every great campaign starts with thorough thinking and planning! Also, set your business goals beforehand; every decision that you make from now on must be in service of these goals, whether they be increasing sales, attracting followers, getting more website traffic, or others.

Clear & Simple Won the Audience:

Social media videos are rather different from YouTube videos. Keeping your videos short and interesting and your content relevant and engaging is the way to go. When people are scrolling through their feed in the middle of a busy day, they are rarely going to stop to watch a 30 minutes video. You want your video to do everything that you want it to do in a short period to keep up with people’s short attention spans. You have to find a way to capture the viewers’ attention from the very first few seconds all the while getting your message across to them. Plus, simplify your ideas as much as you can! You can also create a series of short videos for topics that need more explanation. However, always keep in mind that the first few seconds of every video are the most important because that’s when the viewer will decide if he/she will continue watching or not. So you have to get them hooked right off the bat. Uniquely introduce your brand and don’t sleep on the good music.

Make your Videos Appealing and Comfortable to the Eye

This will make or break your video. Paying special attention to the lighting, clothes, backgrounds, editing style, colors, etc. is part of creating a successful video for your company/business. As mentioned before, audio is just as important as visuals. You need to make sure that your microphone is good enough and that there is no external noise. Investing in good equipment to produce high-quality videos is always a good way to go about video marketing and social media videos.

Think Futuristic & Big

When it comes to business goals, think big or go home! Your video might turn out so successful that it reaches a worldwide audience! That’s when you’ll regret not including subtitles. This will not only help international viewers to get to know you and understand your message, but it will also be a very assisting tool for hearing-challenged social media users. Adding subtitles is also good for when people are doing something else and are watching your video on mute. All circumstances considered, people will get to know you!

Video Marketing - Business Motion

Optimizing your content, putting together an interesting story, adding a clear Call To Action at the end, and tracking your progress for future videos will get you the results you desired from the very start. If you want to get the best results instantly, you can always hire a professional video production company that is up-to-date and in the loop when it comes to the latest marketing technologies and techniques!

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