How to Create a Great YouTube Channel

Nearly 43% of all global internet users access YouTube every single month according to Backlinko. This platform is now referred to as ‘the world’s second-largest search engine and has over 2 billion monthly active users. That’s why brands are aware that while it is imperative to be on all or most social media channels, YouTube might be the most important platform. Video marketing and advertising is the heart and essence of a successful social media and marketing plan, it is the one step that can make or break your strategy and deserves your undisturbed effort and dedicated time and resources. To achieve your desired results. attain your goals, boost your traffic, and increase your sales, you must first and foremost create a great YouTube channel for your business that matches your ethics and your company’s personality while getting the message across to the viewers in an attractive, clear, and engaging way.

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Pay Special Attention to Keywords & SEO

Before planning any aspect of your YouTube videos, the first step is generating a good keyword and building your presence around it. There are many YouTube-specific tools online that can help you with this. This will get you maximum viewers and make your videos appear on search engines. Optimizing your video’s title and description will generate more search traffic with SEO on the platform.

Keep your Videos Short & Simple

Making a quick online search and analysis and seeing what kind of videos are most popular and successful at the moment and getting inspired by them is always a good strategy. You can learn from other channels’ successes and failures and build your online brand accordingly. However, always keep in mind that videos that are only one to five minutes long tend to do the job perfectly. As long as your content is enjoyable and the message is crystal clear and straightforward, you are good to go!

Check out Statistica’s list of the Most popular YouTube videos based on total global views as of April 2022(in billions).

While We’re on the Topic of Engaging Content…

Incite your viewers to leave likes and comments and to share your video with their friends and loved ones through engaging content and social interactions. Replying to the comments whenever you can is a good trick to live by, also engaging with other channels, thanking your audience regularly, asking them what they would like to watch, and responding to their requests at any chance you have will help you build a good foundation and a deep relationship with people beyond just making sales!

Don’t Sleep on the Aesthetic!

You can create engaging content all you want, but unless your channel, videos, and visuals are aesthetically pleasing, people won’t really feel comfortable scrolling through your videos and visiting your channel regularly. Get your audience to subscribe and become loyal visitors and purchasers by being visually appealing to them. This is also a smart strategy to set yourself apart from your competitors by uniquely branding yourself. Don’t forget to put together an interesting Bio that captures who you are as a business and what you stand for as a team!

Be Consistent!

With the popularity of smartphones and modern technologies, it is much easier to shoot high-quality videos these days, so take this to your advantage while trying to post as frequently and as consistently as possible. As a start, stick to one video per week, same day, same time. Let your audience know and stay loyal to your scheduled videos! This will be in an attempt to grow your audience even more!

Other Social Media Platforms are Important, too!

Promote your videos on your other social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok among others to get the most subscribers from all over the internet… and the world!! You can make them available on your website’s blogs as well!

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