How Effective are Covid-19 Explainer Videos?

The Covid-19 pandemic caused dramatic changes to businesses across all industries. It gave way to more businesses digitizing themselves and introducing new ways of communicating with their customers. Marketers have found it especially challenging to cope with the change, resorting to highly impactful awareness explainer videos to alert the public about the dangers and safety measures needed to avoid infection. In this article, we are going to explore just how effectively Covid-19 explainer videos have been during the pandemic.

marketers were affected by the pandemic

General effectiveness of explainer videos

Businesses have made video their go-to means of communicating with their customers. Explainer videos have taught customers about a product or service in a timely, impactful, and fun manner, driving sales higher than if customers were reading a text. Statistics from show that 74% of users who watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service subsequently bought it. Add the power of an explainer video to the important messages about Covid-19, and you’ll get something that really makes you think, and reassess how you look at the pandemic. Covid-19 explainer videos have caught the attention of the public through the very components that make animated explainer videos so special: the artwork, the impactful script, the music, and voice-over.

How marketers were affected by the pandemic

With the pandemic came a huge shift in priorities for businesses across various industries. While some found that working from home is essential, others tended to business as usual, while taking the necessary cautionary measures in the workplace. Wyzowl has published statistics that show how marketers were affected by the pandemic, stating, “Despite the disruption, 9 out of 10 marketers are still working, either remotely, or in the office as usual.” Moreover, the effect on marketers’ budget is somewhat ambiguous, where “Marketers are pretty much evenly split over how the outbreak will affect their budget. 48% expect their budget to be cut, while 46% expect it to be unaffected.

Add the power of an explainer video to the important messages about Covid-19

With the digitization of businesses, demand grows for digital media communication

The pandemic has forced the majority of the population to stay at home, which drives Internet usage sky high. That calls for more digital communication between business and customer, which brings about a rise in video production and other means of digital communication. Social media platforms play a major role in being a place where businesses and customers communicate. Covid-19 explainer videos have flooded social media platforms as well as television so far, containing the dos and don’ts that the population should know to avoid getting infected.

When all is said and done, animated Covid-19 explainer videos have done well in informing us about the dangers of the virus. Though businesses and marketers have been affected by the change, the drive to make strategic and impactful marketing decisions lives on. We at Business Motion pride ourselves on making impactful explainer videos, and have a substantial portfolio to show for it. If you are looking to make a corporate video, we are ready and excited to get you started. All you have to do to get started is send an email to and we’ll get down to business!

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