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Taking a look at InVideo’s 135 Video Marketing Statistics You Can’t Ignore in 2022, we understand that people and online audiences are drawn to videos more than other types of content. That’s why the business of video marketing is skyrocketing.

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Keeping this in mind, using videos to market your brand, product, or service will help you attract more people to your website and catch their attention longer. Making your videos short, to the point, clear and entertaining will help you reach a wider group of people. Judging by all of this information, giving video marketing and advertising a try is worth it. If you want more details on how your video should look and what it should include and what are the necessary steps to create a successful and attractive video, check out our list of tips and tricks:

Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • What is the purpose of the video we’re about to create?
  • What is the ultimate goal? What result do you aspire to see after making it public?
  • Who’s going to be watching?
  • On what platforms do we want to post it?
  • What type of genre do you want your video to be?
  • Do you want to inform or sell?

Make sure that your video answers all of these questions so that you will end up with a focused and to-the-point clip with a clear message.

Your Video Should be Speaking to a Specified Audience!!

Know your audience! There are several tools nowadays that will help you gather all sorts of information on exactly who is watching your videos, their location, gender, age range, etc. Creating a persona for your marketing video will also help you target your advertising strategy better.

Set a Budget

After you have formulated a pretty clear idea of what your video is going to look like, the next step should be running the numbers to make sure that your vision aligns with your company’s budget. Money put into marketing your business is never wasted, especially if your strategy is well-researched. However, you don’t want to end up with a quote that will put your other important projects in jeopardy.

Know your Social Media Platforms

YouTube is a great place to upload your ad. However, you also want to put your project where the big part of your audience lies. Figure this out beforehand and plan your video’s timing and content accordingly. The same content you upload on Facebook is not the same as you upload on Tik Tok. Each channel has its characteristics and requirements for your video to be successful and reach the most people.

Sometimes, Less is More

Stick with the necessary equipment and the important content only. There is absolutely no need for a big production or a 20-minutes worth of text and clips. A professionally made video will catch the audience’s attention from the first 3 to 4 seconds! So keep the process to the minimum, however, use your strong and unique points wisely and benefit from this chance to differentiate yourself from your competitors. PLUS- creativity is always a good way to grow a crowd of loyal clients. If people feel comfortable and entertained when they visit your website, they will probably stick to your services and won’t be needing to look at other companies from the same industry.

Tell a Story

How did your brand come to being?

What is the story behind your product?

How did your service benefit people who have used it before?

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A good story told in a fun and hooking manner will go a long way. This technique will prove to your audience that they actually can and need to include your [product] in their everyday lives; not only this, but it will also be a positive addition that will benefit them in a certain way.

In summary, videos are a great way to bond with your audience! It will help them learn more about you. Your company, your company’s story, and what you have to offer. They will also be a great way to keep your online clients up-to-date on the changes and updates you are bound to make in your business as it grows and evolves. More so, in today’s virtual world, videos will get you more traffic on your website and by extension, they will be a great way to boost your sales!

Business Motion has been in the industry of video production for years! We have a team of creative and dedicated people that have a passion for storytelling and marketing. Contact us NOW to start on YOUR video!

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