Enhancing Corporate Onboarding with Informative Videos

In today’s dynamic corporate landscape, the use of informative videos has become increasingly prevalent, serving as invaluable tools for onboarding new employees and disseminating essential information to target audiences. From induction trainings to educating stakeholders about their rights, informative videos offer an engaging and efficient means of communication. Let’s explore the multifaceted benefits and applications of these videos in corporate settings.



Informative Videos for Onboarding: A Strategic Approach

Incorporating informative videos into the onboarding process streamlines the orientation of new employees, ensuring they are equipped with essential knowledge about company policies, procedures, and culture. According to research by Training Industry, organizations that utilize video-based training experience a 48% increase in employee engagement.

Case Study: Zerock Congo Induction Training

In 2014, Business Motion collaborated with Zerock Congo to produce induction training videos for new employees. These videos covered crucial topics such as safety regulations. By leveraging a combination of filming and graphics, Zerock Congo effectively communicated vital information to its workforce, enhancing employee understanding and compliance.

Empowering Stakeholders Through Information: Synergy for Justice Organization and LDHR

More recently, Business Motion partnered with Synergy for Justice Organization and LDHR to create informative videos that educate stakeholders about their rights. These videos serve as empowering tools, equipping individuals with the knowledge needed to navigate legal and human rights frameworks.

Tailoring Videos to Suit Various Needs and Budgets

The style and duration of informative videos can vary depending on specific requirements and budget constraints. While some videos may feature live-action footage with actors, others may rely on animation and graphics to convey information. Regardless of the format, the goal remains consistent: to deliver clear, engaging, and impactful content to the target audience.

Maximizing Efficiency and Engagement

Unlike traditional training methods, informative videos can be accessed and viewed at any time, offering flexibility and convenience for both employees and stakeholders. By condensing complex information into digestible video segments, organizations save time and resources while effectively reaching a large audience.


Informative videos play a pivotal role in modern corporate communication strategies, particularly in the realm of onboarding and information dissemination. As demonstrated by the success stories of Zerock Congo, Synergy for Justice Organization, and LDHR, these videos have the power to educate, empower, and engage audiences effectively. 

For organizations seeking to enhance their HR initiatives through video, Business Motion stands ready to collaborate and create impactful solutions tailored to their unique needs and objectives.

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