Different Types of Videos

We all know that business and corporate videos are a significant way to promote your brand and services. However, not all businesses are video production experts, which is normal! That’s why companies like Business Motion that specialize in video production exist.

Our job is to make the process simple and smooth while bringing back fruitful and successful results! And do believe that a well-made video has the power to transform your social media game and boost your sales in a way that would make all the efforts and money spent worthwhile.

A reputable Video Production company knows that there are different and various types of videos, all of which, when executed properly, has the potential to achieve successful marketing for your brand, service, or service.

You can rest assured that we know what we are talking about when it comes to videos and video production; we have been in the business for years and we know how to utilize the right tools, techniques, and technologies to achieve your desired results. Here’s an overview of the different types of videos we excel at and you can choose whatever suits your business and style best!

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This point, we do take pride in. Our repertoire of attractive and high-quality animation videos speaks for our team’s skills and passion.

Whether it’s 2D Animation, 3D Animation, or fame-to-frame animation, we do it all! These types of videos require a great deal of talent, focus, and dedication. Our teams will pre-plan using a storyboard and break down the video scene by scene, and the results are always great!

Stop Motion

Another form of animation is Stop Motion, also called frame animation. This type of animation is captured one frame at a time while moving physical objects between frames. When the images are played back rapidly, it creates the illusion of movement, and Stop Motion is brought to life. This type of video is highly captivating and can be a great way to market your business.

Live Action

If you are a fan of cinematography and fast-paced videos, Live-Action videos are the way to go! As we already mentioned, there are MANY types of videos available other than animation, and this is one of them! This kind of motion content is more interesting to make because it requires a real cast, real props, and real locations, just like a movie set! This is the most common out of all marketing videos because it will create a distinct and unique personality for your brand and business! You can also use a known face to build trust and establish credibility with your followers, clients, and customers! Live-Action videos also have a bigger potential of going viral.

Interactive Videos

Today’s marketing is all about interaction and engagement. You can build deeper and more meaningful relations with your customers and clients when you are relatable and when you engage with them regularly. Through Interactive Videos, watchers can also answer questions and share opinions, which makes them involved with you and your business on a more personal level and this is promoting and marketing done right!


In our honest opinion, these kinds of videos are the most captivating and attractive to watch. They show the hand of an illustrator as they draw graphics that go along with a voice-over. It is simple yet complicated, and is a great way to produce an amazing video that will catch the viewers’ attention when you are working on a low budget!

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Many other types of videos like videography, VR, 360, Live Streams, Animated demos, Screencast, and Mixed Media. We can cover the rest in another blog, however, rest assured that whatever catches your attention and interest, WE CAN DO IT and we can do it well! Whether you have a company or you’re a freelancer, videos will work in your favor! All you have to do is figure out what you want and what you like and then contact us at info@businessmotion.digital! Also, check out our YouTube channel to see our previous work!

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