Creativity and the Importance of Recreation

Part of being a creative person is constantly having to enrich your mind with various kinds of information. Whether it’s history, philosophy, sports, or any subject or activity, it all finds its way to enhance your creativity. In this article, we are going to explore the importance of non-creative activities and how they help get your creativity flowing.

When it comes to creativity, knowledge is what it all comes down to. If you are a creative professional, and your job constantly involves creative expression on demand. It can be exhausting and frustrating at times. Being creative not only involves technical and concept-based knowledge but also requires “extracurricular” activities. These enhance and enrich your creative output. Even in mainstream creative work such as music videos, recreation can find its way into your creative process if you let the music guide your imagination. As stressful as the work may be, it is important not to burn out your capacity; take a few breaks and work in short, creative bursts.

Creativity Boat Ride

Widening Your Creative Range


If you are a filmmaker, for instance, you would know that there are a lot of ways to tell a story. The diversity and richness of the filmmaking world are so baffling, that there is no way there is no knowledge or philosophy behind it. In order to widen your creative range, you need to widen your knowledge and diversify your creative influences. This can be done through reading, learning a new language, going on a boat trip, hiking, etc.

Break The Routine 


There is a method used by creative professionals all over the world. The method encourages leaving your work to do an activity that is completely unrelated to the work you are doing. After that, going back to it once you’ve recharged. This gives you time to digest and meditate on your work far more efficiently and effectively than jamming your head while being stuck somewhere in your creative process. You can try it! The next time you have a screenplay to write, or a portrait to paint, give time to just sit back and contemplate your work while performing some other kind of activity. You could go for a walk, for instance, or even take a nap! Of course, it is one of the ways to go about your creative process, and one that I have personally found worthy of note.

Creating Engaging Content

Developing Creative Videos


If, say, you are working on an explainer video, take time to fully digest the text you are working with. Fully immerse yourself in its message, then leave it alone for a while. Take time to let it fully develop in your mind while you’re cooking or doing any unrelated activity. Then, go back to it with a fresh mind and let your creative juices flow.



In conclusion, there are numerous ways to improve your creative process. Above are just a few of the tools creative people have used to make great art over time. It is easy to dismiss having to do so much work in order to improve your creative output, but it truly goes a long way to constantly feed your brain a variety of information and knowledge so that your creative palette grows with it.


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