Common Mistakes When Advertising On Facebook

Advertising on Facebook is very common among businesses of all sizes. While some ads are very effective and appealing as well as well-timed, mistakes still happen. Several factors come into play when advertising on Facebook, and falling short of one or more of them will most likely negatively impact your campaign, sometimes to a great degree. This article lists some common mistakes that businesses do that cost them time and money.

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A lack of a clear goal

Businesses that do not set clear, solid goals when advertising on Facebook will end up with no clear, solid results that benefit them. Digging deeper into what your company wants to get out of the campaign when advertising on Facebook is essential to gaining anything from it. In other words, if you are looking to increase the traffic on your website, then set a target number of hits you want to reach. If you want great reach for your ads, set a certain number of the people you want to reach. Having clear goals is one of the main factors that enable your business to get the most out of its Facebook campaign.

Sticking to one style in your content is detrimental to your campaign, meaning that you have to diversify the ads. If there are more static posts, include more video. If there is more text, decrease it, and create interesting visuals that will stand out to users. Your Facebook feed is jam-packed with ads and other content, so it is very important to create ads that will stand out and create the buzz that you need to get users talking about you and seeing what you have to offer. Remember, nobody wants to see the same old “#1 detergent according to scientists!” ad over and over.

Doubling your efforts

While you are advertising to your audience and some go over to your website and subscribe to your newsletter, it would be redundant and unnecessary for them to keep receiving newsletter ads. I would be a waste of your efforts and resources. Make sure that you have a customizable list of customers in which you put the names of those who are subscribed to your newsletter and exclude them from the list of names to which you send the ad emails.

Keeping the same ad running for too long

You have probably been scrolling through your feed and saw the same ad over and over, the same type, the same visual, the same video. Keep your ads fresh and change them constantly. Always bring something new to the table. Users are easily bored when they see the same content over and over. Who wouldn’t? Users have even reached a point where the mentally filter out redundant content as they scroll through their feed, so be sure to remain to the right side of the brain, so to speak.

We have briefly illustrated the types of common mistakes that businesses make when advertising on Facebook, hopefully in a way that you can get a grasp of on the go. Keep these as a reference and reminder to liven up your content with video and fresh visuals constantly in order to get a good ROI. Speaking of, why don’t you go ahead and contact us for your next video or digital marketing project? Attention-grabbing content is a guarantee, and appropriate reach as well!

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