Video Marketing Statistics in 2019!

Video is becoming one of the big marketing tactics, and video content is officially here to take over the digital landscape.
Below, you’ll find 14 video marketing statistics covering the multiple goals that interest every marketer.

Digital Marketing Mistakes That Could be Fatal

The digital marketing atmosphere can be an unforgiving space when you are not learning from the mistakes of the past. So, if you belong to the struggling group of marketers, here are five fatal digital marketing mistakes you should be watching out for as you begin your next campaign.

Travel and Tourism Video Industry

Travel is a very personal decision and experience, and involves several stages: deciding where to travel and what activities they will do at the destination, what kind of trip it will be, which airline to use, in which hotel they will stay.

People planning to travel watch videos during all the above stages. Now let’s see how the travel and tourism industry is using videos.

Invest in Email Marketing today!

Email Marketing is a type of direct marketing that involves the use of email to develop relationships with prospects, customers and partners alike. Email is huge. According to Statista, more than 269 billion emails were sent and received every day in 2017.

Still not convinced to invest in Email Marketing? Consider the following benefits:

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