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Boost Your Creativity With These Simple Steps

Are you lacking creativity? Need some fresh ideas to come to you? Psychologists define creativity as the process of creating something that is original and worthwhile. It’s about finding solutions to the problems and new ways of approaching different situations. However, creativity isn’t reserved for the artists and some special people as you may think. …

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Misuse of smartphones in the workplace

72% of smartphone users check their phones at least hourly, whether they are at a business meeting, having lunch or in front of their desktop working. It came to a point, that, if you think of it deeply, humans started to treat these devices as if they were their own babies, and they need to check on them every now and then.

Tips to enhance your presentation skills

Having presentation skills is very essential and valuable in today’s business world. But many of you may not be comfortable with delivering a presentation as public speaking can be remarkably nerve-racking.

So here are few tips that can help you improve your presentation skills and deliver better presentations.

6 steps to write a rock-hard video script

Videos nowadays have become powerful marketing tools for all types of businesses. However, videos are not just about amazing visuals, awesome music, attractive animation, and the best voice over. In fact, developing the video SCRIPT is the most important part of any type of video, especially an explainer video: It is the foundation or the blueprint for videos.

Technological Advancement Might End Your Career

s human beings, being passionate about knowledge impelled technological advancement in its first three industrial revolutions: mechanization (19th c.—mid 20th c.), mass production (late 19th c.—mid 20th c.), and automation (second half of the 20th c.). Currently, we are experiencing a fourth industrial revolution which is building upon its predecessors, thus combining automation and data in manufacturing technologies. It is robotization.

Websummit: The Biggest Tech Event in Europe.

About 50 000 CEOs, founders, investors, 15 000 companies of all sizes and industries from 165 countries all around the world met in Lisbon at the “largest European event of its type.

Business Motion attended Web Summit 2016 that was held at MEO Arena and FIL Feira Internacional de Lisboa in Lisbon- Portugal between the 7th and the 10th of November.

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