Boost Your Creativity With These Simple Steps

Are you lacking creativity? Need some fresh ideas to come to you? Psychologists define creativity as the process of creating something that is original and worthwhile. It’s about finding solutions to the problems and new ways of approaching different situations. However, creativity isn’t reserved for the artists and some special people as you may think. Everyone can be creative, but creative people don’t just sit around waiting for a moment of inspiration to come. They are playful, they experiment, learn, constantly thinking of finding new ways to overcome obstacles. In this article, we will show you a few simple steps that can help you boost your creativity.

Ways to Improve your creativity

Exercise your brain 

Creative thinking involves making new connections in your brain which is achieved by learning and exposing yourself to different experiences. The more you use your brain for different tasks, the more time you spend actively thinking, the stronger the connections become. Also, broadening your knowledge, learning about certain topics unfamiliar to you will help you with new ideas and help you boost your creativity.

Exercise your body

The research shows that there is a connection between physical activity and improved cognitive processing. The study involved 144 participants aged 19 to 93, who had to complete memory and ‘momentary affect experience’ before and after exercising. The study clearly shows that exercise had improved cognitive processing regardless of age. Furthermore, it’s not only that exercising will help you improve your creativity, but also shape your body and improve your health.

Thinking Differently

Challenge yourself

Finding a solution to a problem can stimulate your brain, so open yourself up to challenges. You can try playing board games or even some other group problem-solving activities. That will also help you grow a stronger connection with your colleagues if you are playing within a company as part of a team-building activity. Why not turning a challenge into fun?

Find motivation in other industries

If your job position requires creativity, sometimes you can look into what other companies, from different industries, do. That doesn’t have to mean that you have to copy their work, but looking closely at what your favorite brand is doing may help you get some fresh ideas.

Become an expert

Another way to improve your creativity is by becoming an expert. Having wide knowledge about a specific field will help you find original solutions much easier.


 Sometimes your brain can be overwhelmed with too much information. This can reflect in decreasing your productivity as well as your creativity. Simple activities, like meditating or walking, can bring you some inner peace and open your mind for new ideas.

Creativity flowing through brain


There are a number of ways to be creative, especially in the digital era. However, just like your muscles, you have to stretch your mind.  You should experiment, try different angles, and sometimes even push to the limits. Once the ideas come to you, don’t forget to write them down. One idea will lead to another and eventually, you will come up with something very creative and worth sharing.



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