Boost Your Corporate Online Presence During COVID-19

Since the naming of COVID-19 as a pandemic on January 30th 2020, businesses across industries have been greatly affected; therefore, it may be cause for great concern for some businesses while posing opportunities for others. The shift from the usual worldwide day-to-day business transactions to online platforms has demonstrated how businesses can survive primarily through online means. Employees who can do their jobs online have maintained their jobs, but unemployment rates have increased greatly in other industries, such as transportation, and other essential industries. This article will explore how your business can increase and maintain its online presence during COVID-19.

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 Keep your customers at ease with transparency online

There is a lot of talk going around during this pandemic, so people can easily get misinformed, and with most of the businesses now doing their work online, it is much harder to reassure customers and other businesses that the pressures we are facing collectively can still be managed so that business can still be done in coexistence with the pandemic. Social media platforms contain misinformation and with the increased level of communication being done through those platforms, businesses need to be transparent and mindful of how they approach their clients and business. When clients know what they’re going to get amid a crisis like COVID-19, they are more likely to be inclined to hold on to business partners. By managing how you communicate with your clients since the landscape has changed with the spread of COVID-19 over the past three months, you increase corporate online presence, and as a result, build more solid relationships with your clients.

Make changes as to what is essential in your business plan

It is no longer a time when a business can afford to launch any campaign for whatever duration. COVID-19 has changed the way we go about our day-to-day activities. Therefore, with the major shift to online business transactions, sacrifices might have to be made in order to stay level. No business can survive without being fully aware of what goes on around it, whether in its industry or the world. Make business announcements that not only coincide with adapting to the situation, but also adhere to your clients’ needs in the long run. To get a good idea of how worldwide industries are doing numerically during the pandemic, we have found this article to be a good reference.

Make greater use of the tools that enhance online marketing

Google Analytics has become more essential when it comes to increasing your online presence as a business. Taking a look at how your service or ad campaign is doing online and acting accordingly whether in service pricing or campaign management has greatly benefitted business across industries now more than ever due to the major shift of people working from home and a larger segment of the population spending time online. For more information on how to increase your social media presence, visit our blog article on the subject.

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Seize the opportunity to get closer to your clients

Creating short, balanced corporate videos that reach out to your business partners creates trust and maintains customer loyalty during these challenging times. Creating a bond between business and client through corporate videos, blog articles, and other web content increases corporate online presence and maintains valuable business relationships.

Among the subjects you can bring up is how to stay safe during the pandemic, the different ways to enhance personal and professional life, and facts related to COVID-19 that could enable people to cope with the widespread fear on social media and traditional media outlets.

Use video to reach your audience and enlighten them about the latest means of coping with the crisis.

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