Artificial Intelligence And Video Creation

July 05, 2019

It is widely known by now that worldwide technological advancement has brought about an invention that is revolutionizing the way we use technology, and that is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Aside from the fiction around AI, which ultimately involves the sentience of machines and their intent on destroying humanity as depicted in most Hollywood Blockbusters, AI

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Copyright: A Brief Overview

June 25, 2019

  There must have been an instance when you wanted to use a work of art or literature for broadcast or incorporation in your audio-visual work,  or any work of art, and had your work taken down from YouTube or any other platform. If not, then stick around anyway, we’re going to discuss Copyright, the

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Creation And The Importance Of Recreation

May 31, 2019

Part of being a creative person is constantly having to enrich your mind with various kinds of information. Whether it’s history, philosophy, sports, or any subject or activity, it all finds its way to enhance your creative output. In this article, we are going to explore the importance of non-creative activities and how they help

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A Growing Appetite for Shrinking Content

May 20, 2019

It’s very likely that, at some point, you may have kept scrolling through your social media feed when you came across a video that is a minute too long. You’re not abnormal and this isn’t something specific to you. Just know that this is a phenomenon that is everywhere and shows no sign of going

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