Data Privacy, And Where It All Went Wrong

November 27, 2019

    The rise of social media in the past decade has created a few ultra-large corporations in which unfathomable amounts of data flow through and are stored. Corporations such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter, to name a few, are the main keepers of most of the world’s data since most of the world uses

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How Video Elevates Your CSR Work

November 13, 2019

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a rapidly growing practice among corporations of all sizes worldwide. It dramatically affects society in a positive, constructive way and builds trust between corporations and their communities. However, how do these corporations portray themselves to the public and let them know that they care for their community’s development

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Small Business Social Media Marketing

October 02, 2019

  Social media is the modern age’s primary means of communication and interconnectivity, allowing individuals to connect with one another with ease. Businesses have also come to benefit greatly from social media as it has helped them establish an online presence that enables them to reach their target audience and, in turn, convert cyber interaction

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LinkedIn Ad Campaigns: A Brief Overview

September 18, 2019

  Advertising campaigns are crucial in many ways for businesses. Getting its name circulating through effective ad campaigns greatly increases the chance of getting more business, increasing sales, etc. Now, this article is not to discuss advertising in general, but an overview of how to effectively advertise your business on LinkedIn. Read on to learn

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