The B2B Explainer Videos: A Growing Necessity

More startups and enterprises are gearing towards explainer videos, and that phenomenon is not expected to change any time soon. B2B Explainer videos have rapidly become the go-to for many businesses across various industries, as a growing number of executives have shown that they prefer short, straight-to-the-point messages and expressions when learning about a product or service. This article is for the purpose of giving you a better idea about B2B explainer videos and why they are here for the long haul.

Include video in your marketing strategy

Short and easy to grasp is the way to go

B2B explainer videos are the way businesses communicate their products and services to one another in a concise and powerful manner, which limits the troubles and hassles of long phone calls and expensive meetings. As we’ve briefly mentioned in the introduction of this article, executives rarely have the time to sit down and watch a 7-minute long video about a product or service. That’s why they hire professionals to craft short, 1.5 to 3-minute videos that deliver the message in a clear, easy-to-comprehend manner and, of course, pleasing to watch. 

Animation or Stock Video?

Stock video platforms such as Envato Elements and Videohive have greatly benefited business and lone content creators across industries, as their stock video libraries are growing by the day. Traditionally, animated shorts were the go-to strategy for B2B explainer videos, but businesses are giving stock footage ago, too. Animation takes a lot more time to implement than stock video, but it gives the final video a more authentic feel which helps people understand what the video is talking about much more easily. When choosing between animation and stock video for your B2B explainer video, make sure you have a clear and thorough idea of what you’re talking about and try to imagine which way would most powerfully convey your message. Remember, most of the time, audiences don’t know what to expect, so using the element of surprise can work to your benefit!

Always hire a professional

The results yielded by B2B explainer videos are so satisfying to both parties, and that’s because they’ve hired companies that make it their mission to deliver such satisfying content. It may be an expensive, time-consuming endeavor, but such videos are often used for long-term goals and with that in mind, it is well worth it to hire a professional to craft your B2B explainer video. Business Motion is a highly skilled company that specializes in animated corporate videos, and we would gladly help you out in your next video project, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

We’ve covered a bit of what we find to be the most essential aspects of the work when it comes to making a B2B explainer video. It’s a very exciting time to live in with the technologies used to craft videos improving every year, more opportunities and possibilities emerge, giving rise to more competition and growth!

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