Artificial Intelligence And Video Creation

It is widely known by now that worldwide technological advancement has brought about an invention that is revolutionizing the way we use technology, and that is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Aside from the fiction around AI, which ultimately involves the sentience of machines and their intent on destroying humanity as depicted in most Hollywood Blockbusters, AI has in fact paved the way for several breakthroughs in art, motion design, and film making. Stick around as we take a look at how AI is used in video editing.

With the advancement of AI technology, Artificial Intelligence has been integrated into many aspects of our lives from digital personal assistants to homes, and we see it has made its way in assisting us in art work such as Adobe’s live painting. Major software developers are shifting their expertise and programming to AI, one of the most notable being Adobe. AI has made its way into the world of modern art and design, and in an exhibition done last year, Adobe has incorporated AI in the creation of modern art by producing auto-painted portraits. AI-generated patterns and strokes form a constantly changing abstract painting.

Artificial Intelligent Video Production

Our main topic is how Artificial Intelligence is being integrated into video editing software where it intelligently recognizes, cuts, and arranges footage in coherent order to bring about the best result. Numerous companies have embarked on this journey generating software such as Magisto, Jumptvs, Filmora9, Adobe Premiere with AI features, etc. These software not only do the basics of video editing (cutting, arranging, sequencing, etc), they color grade, learn from user feedback, create smooth work flow, and more.

Artificial Intelligence making videos

AI editing software

To name one of several AI editing software, Hypercube has some interesting features that enhance your video’s storyline, they include:
• Create a strong storyline
• Get access to skilled experts with the fastest turnaround time
• Low cost and economical
• Team helps with a script after thorough research
• Get visual concepts and style
• Change as per your liking during the drafting process
• Receive the final video for sharing

Future of Video

Now, the question of whether it is reliable to use AI to edit your videos is one that comes to mind, and the answer to it depends on what type of video you are producing, and how advanced is the software you are using. There is no doubt that AI is rapidly advancing and it can already do an impressive amount of work, but you still cannot rely on it to edit more than social videos used for marketing or similar types of videos. It almost goes without saying that you cannot rely on it to edit a feature film, for example. It seems the human touch is still essential in some areas, but who knows where we will be just 10 years from now?

End of an Era?

Make no mistake, AI powered editing software are very powerful for the work they produce. Some allow access to licensed music, others allow easy uploading, but most are used for marketing video production. Could there be an end to the video editing profession on the horizon? It is a bit of a stretch, considering that the software learn from user feedback and therefore still requires the human touch to create the end product. Not to mention the necessity of video editors in television shows and feature films as well as other media.

processing videos via Artificial Intelligence

In conclusion, AI is among the most rapidly growing and advancing forms of technology. As we have seen, increasing demand for such software plays a key role in the software’s advancement as it learns from user feedback. It also allows user access to a multitude of features ranging from color grading to ready-to-upload video. Of course, the main targets for such software are businesses looking to enhance their online marketing presence with short social videos. That about wraps it up for this topic. We welcome your feedback on our blog and invite you to contact us for your next video project. We might not use AI, but our intelligence flourishes through our work.

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