Animated Videos vs Live-Action Videos

There are many ways in which you can use videos to tell your story in a simplified and engaging way, and there are many types of videos to choose from and decide on the right one for you and your company. An animated video brings motion to your corporate video and motion drives people to want to watch your video the whole way through. There are other times when using a different type of video may be best to demonstrate what your company has to offer and to bring the essence of your product or service to life. Another common, popular, and recommended way to do so is to use live-action videos. Both types have their advantages, however, to make the right choice that best suits your company, your journey, and your message, you must understand what each one is all about first.

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Animation is the art of drawing and moving images that are presented as a series of frames. Most businesses use this type to explain what their companies are about, and to inform and educate their followers and customers about their products or services in a simple way that will catch the audience’s attention and focus. The stunning motion graphics will be hard to ignore when done professionally and will stand out from other digital videos available online. Animated videos usually take longer to achieve because you’ll have to create everything from scratch! An animated explainer video will get your message across perfectly and will make your motion content more informational and educational. Complex and tricky ideas are explained best and faster-using animation.

Live-action videos involve real people and are a real production process. It involves recording, real cinematography, and videography. A real cast is included, in real locations and uses professional filming tools, technologies, and techniques. When planned well ahead, a live-action video can take only a couple of days to complete and shoot. A live-action video will humanize your company in a relatable and real way that an animated video simply cannot do. The message will feel more personal, friendly, and familiar to the viewer. It is hard to replicate human faces, actions, and emotions in any other type of video.

One thing is for sure tho, though both types of videos are hard to perfect. Video production is a skill that is hard to master in general, and when it comes to marketing and promoting your business, there’s no room for mistakes. This video can make or break your marketing game because no one wants to watch a badly-made video and everyone would love to share and watch interesting and unique content. Who knows, your one-of-a-kind production can even go viral! So to be on the safe side and to make the most out of this opportunity, hiring a well-known and experienced Video Production Company will bring in the desired profits and results! They will even advise on which type of video would complement what your corporation has to offer.

Business Motion offers professional video production services in all types and styles. We specialize in simplifying your message and catching the viewer’s attention while setting you apart from the crowd. Your business video or presentation will be the best version it can be! Just trust that we can do it all!

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