Aligned team for successful video production

Embracing video content into your overall marketing strategy is one of the most powerful actions you can take for your business video company. However, there are many things and factors to think and worry about in the video production process: purpose of the video, script, storyboard, style, tone, shooting locations, length… And here comes the different opinions of the key stakeholders who are involved.

This issue will make the video production process longer and more complex for the video production company which will be struggling with different points of view from the client side. That’s why having an aligned team is the key to successful video production. So before writing a single line, drawing a single frame or shooting a single scene, the video production team and the client’s team must be aligned and should have clarity on all the aspects of the video production process.

So how to achieve alignment? Here are few ways to get started:

aligned team meeting

1- Responsibilities of the client

Setting up a like-minded team is a crucial aspect not only for the production team but also for the client.

We’ve encountered many times in video the production process when the client changed their mind about certain issues like the shoot, script, style etc, and say they will get back later. This is very inconvenient and will cost time and money!

That’s why the client must set and determine expectations internally before passing anything on to the production company. For example, regarding the purpose of the video, let’s say the marketing team wants to use the video to sell more products, and the HR department wants to use the video to train new employees, and the CEO wants a corporate documentary, this discussion needs to take place before contacting the video production team.

There is nothing worse than having several sets of opinions and in this case nothing will be accomplished on time.

2- Create a “Do” and “Don’t” list

Basically, the core team will have a list that coincides with the core objective. This list will include the things that are beyond the main goal that should be in the video like the style (animation, live action or mix), call to action… and the things that should not be there.

Dos and Donts of video production

This list will help the production team design the video and know what to include and what to avoid. It also leaves some space open for being creative.

3- Embrace the right people

The smaller the team, the easier it is to get into alignment. So it would be great if you can keep the team of decision makers to three or four. The more people involved, the more difficult it would be to get quick decisions.

In addition to including the lowest number of people, be sure also they are the right ones so that you can get a high quality end video.

successful team

4- Nominate someone with the final decision

No matter how much preparation you put into having a perfectly aligned team, conflicts or confusion may happen as there are going to be some decisions that not everyone agrees on.

This is why it is important to appoint someone to have the final-say. This person can go back to the essential objective and make a decision. This can save you time in the long run, and keep things moving and thus avoiding costly delays.

aligned team success


Aligning teams is very important in order to achieve video success. It is helpful for both the client and video production company, so that the production comes in on time and on budget thus getting a final VIDEO that everyone is happy with.

At the end of the day, communication is key. Therefore make sure everyone is on the same page with all the information they need to accomplish their roles.

At Business Motion, maintaining open communication with our clients are the building blocks for our creativity and inspiration. So why not contact us and we will get your business moving with video.

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