9 Useful Tips to Grow Your Social Media Presence

In this digital age, if you are not available online, you are not available anywhere. Social media presence is one of the most important things in peoples lives today. People search online to get information about you, your products and services you offer. Whether you conduct business online or not, potential customers are expecting to see you on the various online platforms.

 Among them are social media platforms which power is unlimited.  It is a secret weapon that will lead to more revenues from your business page. By gaining followers and delivering engaging multimedia messages, increasing your social media presence is the drive to becoming a brand ambassador or even an influencer.

Here are some tips that can help you kick-start and grow your social media presence.
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You will first need to know the audience that you are targeting as well as your purpose from this page.

Begin by asking yourself the following questions: “ What am I offering to my target audience, what differentiates me from my competitors, what makes my product or service unique?”.  Answering those questions among others will help you set your goal and define the aim of your page.

You will then be able to define the type of content you will publish on you social media accounts.

This first step is the corner stone of your strategy to succeed establishing an appealing online presence that engages audience.

Don’t forget to focus on your strength while working on your weaknesses.


Craft well your biography because it is the first thing your audience will look at. They want to know who you are, what your page is about and what your style is and whether they can trust you or not. So, if your biography is not that great, consider changing it. Do not hesitate to seek help using platforms that service professional Biography writing.


Having an identity to represent you or your business is a must. Use a certain theme, logo, colors, and font .  This makes it easier for your audience to directly identify your brand . They will refer to you when they see a certain color or a font that is similar to yours.

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Once you decide on the type of content you will be publishing, create a timeline for your content and choose the perfect time/day to post.  

Every social media platform has a backend that can inform you on when did people visit your page, at what time, from which country.

All these details are available on the insights section of your page (high interaction on Monday or Friday?! 5 pm or 9pm?!.


Your followers will start unfollowing you if your content becomes dull or uninteresting even if you have perfected all the previous steps. Awesome content might be either informative, entertaining or inspiring.

Make sure to give your audience awesome content that  can’t be found anywhere else. It can be as simple as a picture or a live video. Let it express the message you’re trying to send. Take National Geographic as an example, check their posts and how they present their content and follow the lead.



Be patient. as nice things come to those who work and wait. You should also be consistent on your page. Always keep posting, create stories, and always take action. Your page will have its ups and downs but that doesn’t mean you should give up on it. Once you’re consistent, you will notice your page growing more and more.


Never treat your audience as numbers. Try to always reply to their comments and messages. If they have tagged you in something reshare their stories.

Engagement is key.  Once you engage with your audience, your audience will engage more with you.

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If you are on Instagram or Twitter, then hashtags are a must. Check what the trendiest hashtags are being used and try to use them as much as possible. Many people browse pages and follow them from hashtags. Geotags are also very important. If your image is in a certain street  or restaurant or even country then be sure to always tag the location you’re in. This way if any of your potential audience is searching in a specific location, you might grab their attention and gain a new follower!

social media hashtags


A little boost won’t hurt anyone. It will definitely do you some good!

A boosted post will help you reach a bigger audience. If they are searching for anything related to your page, you will pop up, and the chances of being discovered will be higher. You can start by paying a small amount of money.

Set up your budget, choose your audience and their interests and begin.

These are some of the tips that will help you grow your online presence.  Take a deep breath, create your online strategy and start-up your page!

Don’t forget to be consistent and patient and grow your page!
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