8 tips for selecting the perfect music for your business video

Developing the video script is the most important part of any type of business video as per a previous blog article. Although the script is an extremely important element, producing a great video needs GREAT MUSIC. Background Music is one of the most important elements in video creation because Music a powerful way to drive the video forward and to create an emotional connection with your prospects.

The background music that you use can make or break your video production! It helps the audience understand the meaning of what they’re seeing on the screen.

Music grabs the viewers’ attention even before anything happens in the video.

Music (if good) makes your video more engaging and shareable thus getting it to go viral.

The quality of music can play a significant role in making that final video not only successful, but actually awesome!

-Music helps to reinforce your message to create a powerful experience for potential customers. It will accompany every single thing that is happening on screen and make viewers feel some way about what they are watching.

-Have you ever watched a video on silent? If yes, I guess you did not have the same reaction as you did when the audio was on! RIGHT?

Video requires a great musical background that matches the feel of the storyline. That’s why, we at Business Motion, tend to choose the soundtrack very wisely as sometimes it can distract the audience of your video. And… we don’t want that.

Deciding What Kind Of Music To Use Is Not Easy. So Here Are Few Tips For Choosing The Best Music And Using It For A Video Project:

1. Keep background music

Music is meant to complement the script, vocals and visuals of the video, not draw attention away from it. Therefore, make sure the music volume does not interrupt voice over volume. And if someone’s talking on screen, don’t let the music get in the way. Also ensure that the music doesn’t take away the focus from the message. It should complement your visual story! After all, you want the music to be loud enough, but not too intrusive. As a general rule, let your background music stay in the back.

2. Pick the music with appropriate mood

Music has the power to immediately change an audience’s moods and opinions in no time at all. So whether you want your audience to feel happy, sad, frightened, angry, positive, relaxed…. or anything else, pick the music that will best set the desired mood and tone. For example, picking an upbeat fast-paced soundtrack will not cause the same effect as picking a slower melody.

Music immediately sets the tone of your video as positive and upbeat, playful, pensive and thought-provoking, or emotional, for example, before anything is even said.

3. Consider your target audience

Who are they? What is their age, profession, and background? Are you targeting a young demographic like teenagers, businesses, parents, or even a specific sector like teachers? Answering these questions will help you choose the right music that would appeal to your audience.

For example, you cannot use the same music for 18-24 years old as for older adults. Moreover, an executive may not identify with hard rock or hip-hop, but it may be a perfect style choice for a younger audience. Besides, if you are producing a marketing video for your toy store, you may want to use children-suitable music in order to appeal to this audience.

4. Where to start and end your music

Whatever soundtrack you choose, you’ll want to ensure that it complements the flow of your video, fading in and out at the right times. It often works to align the start of your video with the start of your song, but that’s not always the case.

5. Pick an appropriate genre

Picking an appropriate musical genre for your video is more about avoiding bad choices than anything else. Consider your target audience, as well as the nature of your business. The wrong music choice can distract from the impact of the content. For example, loud fast-paced music may overpower a technical instructional video. There are several genres to pick from like classical, corporate, dramatic…

6. Do extensive research before choosing

Skimming quickly through the options and selecting a music track instantly just to fill up the space will surely not work if you want a final great video. Take your time to find the right music.

7. Think Music First

Many people make the mistake of finishing their video, then picking a piece of stock music to go behind it. This is the wrong order. On the other hand, you should pick a great piece of music that fits the pacing and style of your intended final video. You can actually edit or animate to the beat and the pacing of the music, giving you a much more natural result that will help to keep the viewer engaged and avoid confusion.

8. Don’t steal music

As a rule of thumb, you need to get permission or license to use any copyrighted material, including music. There are thousands of “Royalty-Free stock music tracks available to be used from music libraries or producers that specialize in background music for marketing videos.


The music section is an imperative part of video content creation. Background music is critical to enhancing the overall impact of your videos. Moreover, a good compelling video that pairs great content with the right soundtrack is one of your best tools for driving conversions.

Great background music doesn’t have to be expensive and doesn’t have to be custom made. Check our YouTube Channel to watch the videos we produced and try to listen carefully to the music we used.We agree that choosing the right music can be difficult, but having high-quality and relevant music to back up your video’s main message is incredibly effective and contributes to the success of your videos.

Do you want a professional video for your business with the best music ever, get in touch with Business Motion today.

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